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10 Summer Desserts That Will Leave You Feeling Refreshed This Year

10 Summer Desserts That Will Leave You Feeling Refreshed This Year

Summer desserts can be a tricky thing to manage. After all, sugar and heat don’t tend to go together well unless perhaps you’re trying to whip some caramel together for another dessert. If things are too sweet or too heavy in can leave you feeling almost exhausted or sickly in the summer heat. Don’t let this be you this summer or any of your guests for that matter! Check out our list of ten Summer desserts that will leave you feeling refreshed this year.

1) Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer desserts are great because of the versatility of ingredients that can be used with them and how creative you can get with their creation. And what, if any nomination for refreshing Summer desserts can be professed without first discussing the well-known Ice cream sandwiches. The beauty behind these delicious morsels revolves around the very principle that any and all sandwich-making occurrences can involve any number of combinations of ingredients. Whether your “bread” is the typical chocolate cake variety or something totally unique and out there, it is a filling and refreshing idea for Summer desserts. The ice cream itself can be switched out for frozen yogurt or any other type of frozen dessert spread of sorts, and then the “bread” can be any number of things. It could be donuts, waffles, graham crackers, or really any other semi-sturdy ingredient that you find desirable. Either way, a classic option when discussing and trying Summer desserts, cannot go wrong with this one for staying refreshed in the summer heat.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

2) Smoothies

Much like our last option in this all-mighty list of refreshing Summer desserts, smoothies are a great and diversity filled option. Simply pick up some fresh produce or juices of your liking and get to blending to make this refreshing summer dessert a reality. The great factor of this dessert for anyone craving something sweet is that it is on the healthier side of things. Thus, if you have individuals who are more health-conscious hanging around in the summer heat, be sure to whip out this option to keep everyone cool, and satisfied when it comes to their sweet tooth’s.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

3) Parfaits

Now, if you have some guests or fellow sweet tooth enthusiasts in the summertime that aren’t as health-conscious as your smoothie lovers, parfaits can be the next best often concerning refreshing Summer desserts. The only reason for this being the fact that parfaits are a bit more heavyset when it comes done to the creation of said dessert, Parfaits usually involved yogurt and granola among fruits and cream. There is some caution when it comes to this option as opposed to other Summer desserts is that it can be quite the heavy fill when being out in the hot summer sun. Given all the natural sugar and creamy yogurt, this number is asking for some discomfort. So again, while it is refreshing, it can be a bit off in your stomach in you’re out baking in the sun all day.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

4) Dessert Pizza

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, pizza can be an option when it comes to refreshing Summer desserts! However, this particular pizza is best due to its influence of fruit and cream cheese into the mix. When guests want something a bit more on the firmer side instead of all the yogurt and drinkable desserts, this is a great option for them. Plus, much like the other options so far you can add any different variety of fruits or flavored cream cheese to make the most refreshing and delicious dessert pizza.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

5) Limeade Pie

Refreshing Summer desserts always bring up the though of citrus flavors in my mind. I know a family staple at home was always some form of lemon related desserts to give off that sweetly refreshing feeling in the heat of Summer. Limeade pie is the purest essence of this memory’s value, the perfect combination of the most common citrus fruits in a sweet and creamy pie variety.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

6) Butter Bars

Light and chewy vanilla cake, a creamy melted cream cheese layer, and you’re watering mouth-the ultimate combination when it comes to refreshing summer desserts! Butter bars are another filling dessert that will be much more appreciable to any and all friends you care to share with. I do warn you though, these on their own as a basic recipe are more on the heavy desert side, so be sure to add your favorite fruits as a topping and you’ve got the ultimate vanilla dream cake of refreshingness.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

7) Citrus Cheesecakes

Much like the limeade pie, when it comes to refreshing Summer desserts-citrus is the way to go. And while this is a very similar entry in our sweet and refreshing list here, I felt compelled to references these cheesecakes as well. The reason being that the pie can be a bit more of a hassle to whip together in comparison to cheesecake. At least, in my opinion, this is true.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

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8) Tarts

Tarts follow suit with the other citrus-based Summer desserts in that they have that refreshing bite of fruit followed up with sweet chewy goodness. Plus, the great thing about this dessert is that it is predominantly served in small bite-sized portions that are perfect for parties or get-togethers among friends. Plus, tarts go well with any variation of fruit as their topping or infused flavor, so these can be refreshing year-round.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

9) Pudding Pops

Again, it seems to be the pattern amongst refreshing Summer desserts to be quite versatile. And that is true for pudding pops. Instead of just eating your favorite creamy dessert snack pack, or going to the effort of making a big ole batch of pudding to sit in the sun all day. Take you’re creamy dessert and fill out some popsicle molds to keep your sweets cooling and summer savvy.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

10) Ice Pops

Second verse, same as the first. If creamy popsicles aren’t really your thing, go for the most classic dessert and pour some of your favorite juice into some popsicle molds. The great thing about this refreshing summer dessert is the fact that it can be on the healthier side in comparison to some of the other options on this list. Using organic fruit juices with only natural sugar can give you a fun and refreshing treat while still getting your usual dose of fruit vitamins into your life.

Top 10 refreshing Summer Desserts

So what did you think of our list of refreshing Summer desserts? Did we leave any succulent morsels out that you feel need to be present? Let us know in the comments below and let’s keep everyone nice and refreshed with sweets this summer.

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