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12 Summer Date Night Outfits We’re Obsessed With

Summer date night outfits are just around the corner, and we have 10 looks you will love! Whether your style is a dark, jean and white tank, or just plain and simple, we have styles for you! These outfits will work with just about any date night, from dinner and a movie, beach walk, to carnival rides. Stay tuned for 10 summer date night outfits!

1. Jean Skirt

Ok, it’s finally summer and you have a date in just a couple hours. Throwing on a jean skirt may seem redundant or so overrated, but don’t give up just yet! Jean skirts are always in style, and within the past couple of seasons, they have made a come back. One of my favorite things about wearing a jean skirt in the summer is the comfort factor, but also it looks fancy for dinner, even if you did just throw it on. I love stores like American Eagle, where I actually have bought most of my jean skirts, for $40.00 or less, and they come in other jean colors like pink, white, red, or even a striped pattern. For the perfect date night look, pair with a tank top and layered necklace, with some wedges. Depending on where you live in the country, summers can be HOT. Avoid layers if you live in the south!

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2. Black Romper

Not everyone is a romper kind of girl, and that’s ok! This summer, rock your most confidence in this black, modern, trendy romper. Most stores like H&M, Tillys, or Francesca’s will carry something along these lines, and you can purchase it for $40.00 or less! Rompers look cute with sandals, and layered bracelets.

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3. Floral Dress (Or Floral Anything)

Nothing says summer like a bright, pop of color. This could mean a dress with a floral pattern or a tank top. The best thing about dresses in the summer is its lightweight and looks nice without having to wear a bunch of form-fitting clothing in the heat. Throw it on for a nice dinner date, along with your favorite sandals!

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4. Beat The Heat

One of the best things about warm weather is that summer date night outfits can be a pair of shorts and a tank, and that is acceptable in the fashion world! For your date night, pick out a trendy pair of destroyed jean shorts, with a belt, and a crop top. Crop tops are never going to be not in style, and jean shorts can be found at almost any local mall. If you are someone who lives down south, you won’t want to wear any more clothing than this come the middle of July.

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5. Little Black Dress

It’s summer, and showing a little skin is going to be acceptable. I got a little black dress from Lulus, and I wore it to a casino over the fourth of July weekend in 2019. It is the perfect fashion statement, without wearing too much. Perfectly paired with wedges or heels, you can find this just about anywhere! Give your partner a little something to wonder about you while your on this date!

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6. Wedges That Tie

Wedges that tie around the ankle are a must-have addition to any of our summer date night outfits. This look is super feminine and adds a touch of color to any outfit, paired best with a sundress or a pencil skirt. Just a little hard to walk in, but trust me, they are worth it! I ordered mine from Nordstrom rack, for about $45.00.

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7. Pencil Skirts

When we think of pencil skirts, we think back to high school. Well, skater skirts and pencil skirts are definitely still trendy. I got one from Forever 21 back last June, and it was super cute! Most of the time they are inexpensive as well. Skirts, dresses, and shorts are pretty much all you’ll be wearing this summer, so have some fun with it!

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8. Bright Colors

This summer, for your date night, rock all of the hottest colors: bright pink, yellow, green, blue, and red. Not all at once, of course, but nothing makes your skin look tan and sunkissed than wearing a bright neon top.

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9. Kimono

I love everything about this style. If you are going on a date but aren’t sure how dressed up you need to be, a kimono is a perfect style to choose from. It pairs best with a skirt or a dress, but you can rock shorts, too! I bought my kimono from TJ Maxx, and it was white lace. They are usually relatively inexpensive!

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10. Yellow

When you are unsure of what to wear to your date night, let’s be honest, we have all searched our closet only to realize we hate everything we own. Kick that feeling aside, and throw on a yellow dress, tank, or skirt. The color yellow is always trending for the summer months, and a yellow tank will look classy with a white skirt, perfect for any date night.

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11. Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are one of the best options for summer date night outfits, and you can choose between so many different colors and styles. Most of the time, too, you can find these dresses at your local mall or online!

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12. Tube Top

Last but not least, this summer, rock your favorite tube top to dinner with jean shorts, or a floral skirt. Many tube tops come in bright colors like yellow, blue, or green, so you’ll be vibrant already without accessorizing too much. Feel free to throw on a necklace, and enjoy your date!

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Enjoy the heat and your date, but stay cool and fashionable with these 10 suggestions! Which of these summer date night outfits was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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