15 Summer Date Ideas That Don’t Involve A Picnic In The Park

Everyone wants to have a summer romance. The excitement of something that’s fun and carefree is irresistible, even if it probably won’t last ’til Thanksgiving. What people often don’t consider about those summer romances is that there’s a lot of time to fill. Like maybe too much time. The days begin to stretch out and it starts to feel like you’ve done everything. You and your summer lover have probably gone to the pool a million times and have definitely had your fair share of romantic picnics. If you’re starting to feel like you’re in a rut for date nights, here are some creative summer date ideas to try out this summer!

1. Take a Hike

Some of the best conversations happen when you’re walking. Go and hit the trails near you for some great sights, conversation and a little bit of exercise. This doesn’t need to be an intense hike, even a walk through a wooded trail can be an amazing time with someone you love.

2. Progressive Dinner

This is definitely a must try for a nice summer evening. Go to one restaurant for drinks, a different one for appetizers, dinner and so on. If you have several different spots you’re jonesing to try out this is a great way to knock them all out in one go!

3. Trampoline Park

A date at the trampoline park will bring out your inner child for sure! Jumping around like a fool can’t NOT be a great time. My favorite thing to do at trampoline parks is playing dodgeball! It’s a great way to get out all that competitive energy. This is one of the best summer date ideas!

4. Ice Skating

If you really hate showing PDA, ice skating is a great way to make it more comfortable. Not only is it super fun, but it’s almost expected that you hold hands with your date while you zip around the rink! Plus, it’s a great way to escape the summer heat for an hour or two.

5. Work it Out

One of the best ways to get to know someone better is to see how they work out! Take turns showing the other person what you do to stay fit. This is also a great habit to start so that you always have a work out buddy to motivate you!

6. People Watching

I know this is super creepy, but who doesn’t like watching people??? Just go to a crowded area, like an outdoor mall, and sit back to watch the weirdos go by! The entertainment is endless and it’s a great way to spend some time before getting dinner out.

7. Subway Guessing Game

Test how well you know each other with this fun game! Go to Subway (or any customizable meal restaurants) and try to guess what the other person orders. The loser pays and it’s a great way to potentially go outside your comfort zone and try something new!

8. Pet Some Pups

This is a great date idea for animal lovers. Head out to your local humane society and volunteer to walk some dogs there! It’s a great way to spend time with dogs if you don’t have one and you’ll feel great for helping out a good cause. This is seriously one of the cutest summer date ideas, who doesn’t love dogs?

9. Antiquing

You never know what you might find in an antique store! If it’s an unbearably hot day, escape the outdoors by looking through a local antique store. They might have some unique home decor or jewelry or maybe something you never even knew you needed!

10. Library

A different thing to try this summer is a book club with your partner! Go to the library together and pick out some books you’re both interested in. Read and discuss them together in order to have more stimulating conversations!

11. Shakespeare in the Park

This is such a great way to spend an evening outdoors. It’s a twist on your average picnic because it’s a picnic with a show! Grab your blanket, some snacks and a nice bottle of wine for a great night with Shakespeare.

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12. Discover a New Band

Concerts can be so dang expensive for popular musicians. If you’re balling on a budget but love seeing live music, just go to smaller venues and bars to find a new band. Most of the time you’ll be pleasantly surprised and wouldn’t it be awesome to follow a band from the time they were tiny to when they make it big one day?! This is one of the most creative summer date ideas!

13. Become Chefs

You don’t have to be really talented in order to make a good meal. Look up recipes and follow them – or stray for some extra fun! If cooking really isn’t for you, try a meal subscription box that has all the ingredients prepared for you.

14. See the Sights

No matter where you live, there is sure to be something touristy in your town that you overlook. Pretend to visit your city and soak up the sights! It will surely make you appreciate where you live more.

15. Spa Night

Take the spa home! Do some DIY facemasks, hair masks, take care of your nails and just get in full-on relax mode. This is a great way to decompress after a hard week.

What are your summer date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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