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15 Summer Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

15 Summer Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

15 Summer Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

Let’s face it, when it comes to figuring out what to do with your SO, sometimes it can be difficult to think of fun to do. That’s why I took the time to compile my top 15 summer date ideas that will definitely be better than the typical dinner and a movie.

1. Drive-in movie

Starting simple, and maybe a bit retro, a drive-in movie is a definite twist on the classic movie-dinner date.  Depending on where you live, drive-in theatres can be harder to find, but if you have one near you, check it out!


2. Go bowling

If you can get passed the shared shoe thing, bowling is actually a pretty fun date. You can go just the two of you or on a double or triple date, either way, it’s a fun way to shake up your normal date night.

3. Find a rink and go skating, or find somewhere outside and go skating

Summertime is the perfect time for this because it’s definitely not too cold to enjoy yourself when you’re skating around outside. But if it’s raining, go to an inside rink and you’ll have just as much fun, I promise because indoor and outdoor skating are both great summer date ideas.

4. Take a mini road trip

Great music, windows down, road trip snacks, and your partner right beside you – sounds like an amazing time to me! If you want it to be spontaneous and just around your city, flip a coin and let heads take you right and tails take you left.


5. Be tourists in your own city

Go downtown and explore, or google the best things to do in your city and do them! Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day life that we forget about the fun things every city has to offer.

15 Summer Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

6. Take a day or weekend trip somewhere

If you don’t want to be a tourist in your city, take a day or weekend and get out of it! It’ll be a great way to spend time with you SO and also a great way to reenergize – especially if you and your partner have been feeling stuck in a routine and need to get out of it for a bit.


7. Go to a parade and get brunch afterward

I haven’t gone to a parade in years, but once it warms up outside, parades seem to follow. Since they are typically earlier in the mornings, once they are done it’s the perfect time for brunch – and let’s face it, brunch food is the best food.

8. If you have a dog, take a trip to a dog park

Your dog will thank you.


9. Get tickets to a concert or festival

Both are great summer date ideas because anything to do with music is amazing. Festivals are great because there’s bound to be something for both of you if you have different music tastes, but if you do like similar music, a specific concert is just as amazing.

15 Summer Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

10. Have a picnic

I’ve been telling my SO that I want to do this for years because it’s so simple and easy and only takes a little effort to plan. Plus it’s super cute.

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11. Find a trail and take a walk out in nature

If you and your partner like being outside, you probably have thought of this before reading my summer date ideas, but for those of you who aren’t avid hikers or outdoorsy, this is a fun thing to do. Looking at nature is amazing and spending quality time with your partner is just as amazing.

12. Or go one a full-blown hike!

If you do like to be outside and are a hiker, go on a hike together! I don’t think I could do this just yet, I need more practice before I head out on a legitimate hiking trail, but I think it would be so fun!


13. Go for a bike ride

Find a trail nearby and go for a ride! It’s fun, east, and only costs the gas you use to get to a trail IF you drive there.

15 Summer Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

14. Have a beach day

It’s super easy and relaxing. You could bring a picnic with you or walk along the beach to combine a few of these summer date ideas.


15. Turn your living room into a Pinterest worthy cozy movie night

If you just want to stay in but don’t want the normal Netflix movie night, bring all of your pillows and blankets into the living room, set them up and if you want to go the extra mile and set the mood with string lights, you’ll have a cozy space for a movie night. Bonus points if you order in and stay in your pajamas.

What do you think? Do you have any other summer date ideas to share? Comment them below!

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