Summer Bucket List: 35 Places to Hook Up Before Summer Ends

Summer Bucket List: 35 Places to Hook Up Before Summer Ends

Summer is full of many things, and for some people, that includes having fun with that hot summer hook up. Whether you’re in a committed relationship over the summer, dating around, or just simply hanging out with that old “friend” from high school, summer romance is always in the air, and if it’s not, then you might spend your summer days wishing it was. This is the time to let loose, and try things you wouldn’t have the chance to do otherwise. That includes finding unique places to hook up you could only fantasize about, at least until now. But, we’ll leave the definition of “hooking up” to you.

1. During a music festival.

2. On a roller coaster.

3. Underneath a boardwalk.

4. On the beach.

Walks on the beach

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5. The bed of a pick-up truck.

6. In the woods during your camping trip.

7. On a boat.

8. In the pool, hot-tub, or ocean.

9. On a plane.

On a plane

10. On a hammock.

11. By the campfire.

12. In the bar bathroom.

13. On the back deck (or front if you’re feeling extra adventurous).

14. Outside in the rain.

Kiss in the rain

15. On a pool float.

16. On the rooftop.

17. On a lifeguard stand.

18. On a Ferris Wheel.

19. Inside a water slide.

20. At the drive-in.


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21. On a dock.

22. In a flower field.

23. On a tennis court.

24. On a baseball field. That’s a home-run.

25. In the baseball stadium, or under the bleachers.

26. On top of a mountain after a hike.

On a mountain

27. At a concert.

28. In the car.

29. On a soccer field.

30. In an empty house for sale.

31. In the grass after the rain.

32. In a tent.


33. On a picnic blanket.

34. On a slip-and-slide (with the water on).

35. In the lake at night.

In the lake

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