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15 Things To Do During The Summer Before Freshman Year

15 Things To Do During The Summer Before Freshman Year

These are the things you need to do the summer before freshman year of college!

Don’t spend your entire summer break just watching Netflix on your couch! Take the time to do a few things that you may not have the opportunity to do in college. You roughly have 10 weeks to do pretty much anything you want. You have worked for the last 12 years of your education to come to the this point, you made it ! Now, take the time to relax and chill with your friends and family. Short on ideas on how to spend the summer before freshman year? Check out these 15 things to do before your freshman year of college!


You’ve done it! You are finished with high school and your future awaits! The stresses of the SATs, college applications and graduation season are finally over. Take the time to enjoy all your free time now. Throw a graduation party and have people over at your house to celebrate all of your successes and accomplishments.


Whether it is a short road trip or an intercontinental trip, take the time to enjoy it. Live in the moment and have fun with the people you love. Travelling is the epitome of an out-of-classroom learning experience. You can gain knowledge on new cultures, traditions and foods while going abroad.


Clean your room

Since a lot of students will be living away from home during college, it would be best to leave your room as tidy as possible before you leave. You don’t want to come back to an utter mess when you go back home for break. Though it may take a couple hours or a couple days, your hard work will pay off. This is one of the first steps to adulthood!


Spend time with family and friends

The excitement of going to a new city for college can make us forget about the people at home. During this whirlwind of a summer, don’t neglect your family and friends. Go out of your way to show how much you care for the people closest to you. Plan little activities and dates that you guys can all enjoy together the summer before freshman year.  You will miss your family more than you can imagine when Fall comes!


Summer before freshman year of college.

Try something new

This is the time to start doing things that are on your “bucket list.” Your activity list could range from skydiving to trying new types of foods. You won’t have another summer before freshman year that will be this free because the upcoming summers during college will be filled with internships and jobs.

Make a Linkedin

You never know when this may come in handy in college. There could be jobs or internships that may require or ask for a Linkedin handle. Start an account just in case there’s a networking session at school, and you can use that to connect with other like-minded people. It’s better to make one now when you have some time, then stress about it later in college.


Start packing for college

Start with making a list of things that you must have in your dorm. Some websites have the option to deliver the packages straight to campus, making it more convenient for out-of-state students. Make a pinterest board with dorm decor inspirations that can be incorporated into your dorm. Also check your house if there are already some items that you can reuse so that you don’t have to buy everything again.

Learn some life skills

Many of us are used to the convenience of living with our families. We may be accustomed to our parents doing our laundry and cleaning the dishes. This summer, we should take on some of these responsibilities so we will be used to it by the time we get to college. Learn a couple easy recipes! Start doing your own laundry !

Summer before freshman year of college.


Get to know your roommate

Luckily at USC, the roommate assignments are pretty straight forward and take place early on. If you were assigned a roommate, maybe try to connect with them on social media to get to know them better. It could make the transition smoother if you and your roommate share common interests. If your roommate and you shares similar styles, you can even try to get room decor that somewhat match each others.

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Clean up your social media pages

If you want to reinvent your “image” on social media, this would be the best time to do it. You can start off by changing your handle name or deleting a few outdated posts.  Let your social media pages reflect who you want to be seen as in college. College is the time to find yourself and try new things!


Research clubs that you may want to join

Most universities have hundreds of different clubs available. Take some time and figure out what you are interested in. Hopefully, there’s a club dedicated to your passion and interests. If the club you’re looking for isn’t there, maybe take the initiative and start your own! The clubs range from Model United Nations to Yoga, so you will definitely find something that is suitable for you.

Drive without a destination

Have the windows down and the radio blasting while taking a long drive on the freeway! This is a great way to just unwind and be carefree. Maybe you will stumble upon a new hidden treasure in your hometown. Take advantage of your car because you most likely won’t bring it to college due to the expensive parking permits.

Learn something new

There are so many things we want to do; however, there is such little time. This summer is the perfect time to learn a random skill. Try picking up a new hobby like learning a language, cooking or knitting. The summer before freshman year should be dedicated to doing all the things we couldn’t do during high school.


Clean your closet

While deciding what to bring to college, take an extra few minutes to decide which articles of clothing can be thrown out.  Get rid of the stuff that has no use. Cleaning out your closet will also help you remember what you already have, so that you don’t buy clothes that are similar to ones you already own.

 Stay up all night with your best friends

The chances are that you may not be going to university with all of your closest friends. Plan a huge slumber party and have a blast the summer before freshman year. Watch all your favorite movies, go roast marshmallows in the fire pit, and have a party! Stay up all night reminiscing on all of the great memories that you shared over the past years. Take cute pictures to help the memories last longer.

Which of these things to do the summer before freshman year of college are you going to do? Let us know in the comments below.

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