15 Summer Beauty Trends Influencers Are Raving About

Summertime is the best time to experiment with fun and beautiful beauty trends. We get inspired by hot nights and simmering sunsets resting on the horizon. We get to play with color palettes to complement our new tans and style our hair accessories with our swimsuits. Some of our favorite bloggers are bold enough to try these fun beauty trends and it really pays off. Here are some of the best summer beauty trends our favorite influencers have been sporting.

1) Put a Bow on it

This incredibly romantic and sweet style trend has been sported by many bloggers. You manage to get your hair out of your face while looking like you just walked of the set of The Sound of Music. This cute trend is nostalgic and you can sport the ribbon in pastel colors or opt for a silky white.

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2) Chignon Bun

There are only so many ways to sport an up do, but the variety of semi-messy buns is a hairstyle we can get behind. This discrete bun pulled back just below the ears looks professional and polished. And you can even add that ribbon…

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3) Blush Contouring

Contouring has been a makeup trend for some time. Manipulating the structure of our face and defining our best features. The new blush contour look gives you the rosy glow but with the proper definition we strive for.

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4) The Eye of the Beholder

This new way of sporting your favorite eyeshadow color is really in your face. Literally. Surrounding the eye with an emerald green or peach pink is the perfect way to show off that beautiful eye color.

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5) Florals for Summer

This look is hardly groundbreaking, but having a flower in the hair trend come back every now and again in incredibly fun. Sport a rose-like flower pin or put a bit of baby’s breath in your braid. It will look feminine and romantic. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing summer beauty trends!

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6) Visible Bobby Pins

The intricate and organized bobby pins are a really great way to keep your hair out of your face and look super chic at the same time. Having a row of pins with floral or shimmery details will look quite fancy and stylish.

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7) Super Highlight

The newly rejuvenated highlighter look has reached its all-time high with some of our favorite beauty bloggers sporting it. It gives a polished look that makes our faces look luminous and hydrated. You simply can’t go wrong.

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8) Scrunchies

This comeback is one for the books, people. Many times, we have chuckled at the popularity that was the scrunchie, but believe it or not, they have made a comeback. Sport your scrunchie over your ballerina bun or a casual pony. Ugh, love scrunchies, making this one of the best summer beauty trends!

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9) Bedazzled Eyes

Sported at all the music festivals this year, the bedazzled, rhinestone faces seem to be a big hit. It’s intergalactic fabulousness and we are totally into it. For your next concert or outing, try something subtle or deck out your face with some crazy jewels. At least your friends will be able to find you in a crowd. And that’s a win, win, folks.

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10) Crossing the Line

This nail trend is incredibly subtle and very cool. For your next manicure, scrap the one color on the entire nail, it’s been done before. Try a simple line down the nail horizontally, vertically or both.

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11) Cherry Lips

The super glossed cherry red lips are making a comeback and the sweet and sugary beauty trend is as luscious as it looks. Go for this glossy trend in the cherry red and you will have the boldest beauty trend of the summer.

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12) Intricate Eyeliner

There has been a unique beauty trend with bloggers and influencers out there concerning eyeliner. And it is mostly concerning the rules of eyeliner and everyone breaking them. This super fun trend has everyone sporting spontaneously artistic shapes or awesome colors like lavender and teal.

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13) Middle Part Madness

This is a simpler trend gaining popularity, but it makes all the difference with a simple change. Beauty and fashion bloggers have been going with the strict middle part for an overall chic and polished look. Love this! Definitely one of the best summer beauty trends if you can pull it off!

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14) Going Naked

In response to the wildly popular contouring, eyebrow-perfecting super makeup trends, a more subdued naked look is coming back. Beauty and fashion bloggers are going with the minimal makeup look and mostly sporting subtle eye makeup and discrete lip color. This new look is refreshing and is quite easy to pull off.

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15) Multipurpose Scarf

Sporting the scarf as a headband is the ultimate summer beauty look. The fresh off the beach tousled hair and sun-kissed skin is something we all look forward to on these summer days.

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What are some other summer beauty trends you have noticed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Erica Elbers

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