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12 Summer Beach Games To Try All Summer Long

12 Summer Beach Games To Try All Summer Long

Not everyone wants to lay out and tan while they are at the beach. Some people enjoy spending time with friends and family by doing some type of beach-related activity. Whether you have an annual tradition, or want to start something new, there are so many fun activities and games to try out. More than likely, you can find that perfect event for your group!

Here are some fun beach games that are perfect for summertime!

1. Volleyball

Depending on what beach you are at, there is a high chance that there is already a volleyball net set up for everyone to utilize! If someone else is already using it, or perhaps there isn’t one at your beach, just grab a ball and pass it around with your friends! Throw in some spikes every once in a while to change up the tempo for fun. You can easily toss a ball into your beach bag or carry it under your arm. Not every game has to be bulky!

12 Summer Beach Games To Play All Summer Long

2. Football

This is one of those classic summer beach games that everyone loves! Whether you choose to tackle, play two-hand touch, or just toss the ball around, you cannot go wrong. One of the best parts of this game is you can play it in a limited amount of space and can play with as many or few people as you want!

3. Spikeball

While it can be difficult to drag the mini trampoline to your beach spot, it is well worth your effort! Spikeball is a fun, easy game for all ages. Plus, you can make new friends by inviting others to join. It’s a win for all involved!

12 Summer Beach Games To Try All Summer Long

4. Corn Hole

This classic tailgate game is also the perfect game for a day at the beach! It will require some serious strength to drag the boards out to the beach, but it is an enjoyable game regardless of your skill-set. Pick your partner and have some fun with it!

5. Dodgeball 

Opt for some soft, squishy foam balls instead of the hard ones we all used during P.E. in elementary and middle school for some real beach fun! Just make sure you set some rules on what areas are off-limits for hitting with the ball and enjoy some good, friendly competition. 

12 Summer Games To Try All Summer Long

6. Wiffleball 

This is one of the best summer beach games you can play! Make sure you have enough space to play, some room for the home run zone. All you need is a plastic bat, a few wiffleballs in case some get lost, and something to act as bases and you are ready to go!

7. Frisbee Golf

The golf part is definitely optional! Bring your frisbees and other gear to set up a fun game that so many people can participate in. You do not have to be the best at this game! Just try your best, and you will certainly have a great time with friends and family, even if you happen to lose. You can adjust the chain baskets distance apart to make things easier or more difficult depending on you and your group’s skills and abilities!

8. Badminton

Feel free to bring your own net, or use a volleyball net already available to you! This game might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is an easy, lightweight game you can tote long distances without regretting it. Or just play tennis if that’s easier for you! No matter which way you go, both these variations are a guaranteed way for you to enjoy your day at the beach.

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12 Summer Beach Games To Try All Summer Long

9. Kan Jam

If frisbees are your jam, this might be a great game for you! Whether you choose to buy the game as is, or buy everything on your own and customize them, you cannot go wrong. This will definitely kill some time while you are on the beach, and you might make some new friends in the process!

10. Sand Castle Contest

No one is too old for building sandcastles! Chances are, the older you are, the better you will be at this process. Pick a judge, your tools, and a partner or two, and build away! If you want to change things up, try making sand animals for a real challenge. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sand creations! You can control the difficulty of these contests by the tools you can use, and any decorations you can add to make your structure stand out from the crowd. Building sandcastles is harder than it looks, so if you are looking for a way to kill a couple of hours at the beach, this is the perfect way to do it!

12 Summer Games To Try All Summer Long

11. Tug-of-war

This is one of the easiest games you can play on land or sand! Simply bring a thick, long rope out to the beach, pick sides and pull away. Tug-of-war is one of the best summer beach games that can double as a team-building or bonding exercise! Do not forget to tie something like a handkerchief or even a scrunchie if you are in a pinch around the middle of the rope so you can actually name one team the winner! Make the fun last even longer by varying how many people are on each side of the rope, and have multiple rounds for the chance to make a comeback!

12. Double Ladder

You do not need to have a lot of skill, or athletic ability to succeed in this game! If you have just an ounce of patience, and a little more determination, you have a strong chance to take the lead in this fun beach game. Team up with others and keep score to keep things interesting and competitive! Plus, this game is easy to transport in your car and will not weigh you down along with the rest of your beach day essentials! Feel free to invite others around you to participate as well. Everyone loves a little friendly competition.

Which of these games would you try out? Comment your favorite game below!

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