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Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

Finding fun summer activities can be a last-minute ordeal that results in under enjoyment and overspending. Check out the ideas below to find some great summer activities that you can plan for months in advance. This way you can multiply the fun and subtract some of the cost! 

1.) Museums 

I know you are probably thinking, why would a list about summer start with recommending museums? Thought museums normally seem like a winter activity, they are perfect for summer too! And for good reason! It rains during the summer too and just so you know, on those unbearably hot days, the museums are highly air-conditioned. On a day when you just can’t take any more UV rays, try out your local museum. 

The reason this is a plan ahead activity is because a lot of museums have summer programs or deals. Check out the museums you’d like to see in your area ahead of time to sign up for free days or different deals that allow you into exhibits. 

Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

2.) Summer Concerts 

One of the best things about summer is doing things you would normally do inside, outside. And concerts are one of them. There are hundreds of outdoor concert venues in the northeast and they come in all sizes. They have all sorts of musicians so you don’t need to worry about finding one that is your taste, you can’t not find one! 

Looking ahead in the earlier spring months for concert dates will save you time and money in the long run. It is important that you pick a few concerts that you want to go to and reserve your tickets ahead of time. Sometimes when you book ahead of time you get special lawn tickets or different perks that make all the difference for a summer concert. Also, lots of outdoor concerts allow you to bring your own food and drink so that you can tailgate and this can be as fancy or as casual as you would like! 

Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

3.) Camping 

Camping is the most fun with friends and family. Nowadays you can camp with the bare minimum or partake in glamping, a new fad that allows for the outdoor experience in a fancier setting. Whatever you pick, it is critical to book the space in advance. Good campgrounds fill up very quickly, especially around the summer holidays so you have to grab your spot early. Also, the earlier you book, the less you’ll pay per space. 

Finding a good group of people to go with is also half the battle. The last thing you want is to be trapped in a small living arena with someone whose only interest is to cause trouble. This means months of prep and considering who would get along and who would be interested in going. 

Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

4.) Tag Sale 

I know you’re probably thinking, how am I going to pay for all of these amazing summer excursions? Well, a tag sale is a great way to make quick cash to help justify all those summer activities. A lot of people look and hunt for good tag sales during the summer months and it never hurts to so a little cleanout! 

Gather up those things that you can finally live without and during the months before summer starts setting them aside. Then get the message out there on social media or in the newspaper that you will be having a fantastic tag sale and some of the things you will be selling. 

By planning ahead, you can capitalize on some cash and plan even more events! 

Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

5.) Water Sports!!!   

All watersports are SO fun, especially on those brutal summer days! There is no better way to cool down than at the beach on a paddleboard or surfboard. Unfortunately, if you don’t own those water sport accessories, it can run you a pretty penny to repeatably rent them. 

If you plan ahead, you can budget and sometimes even find deals and coupons to allow you to partake in more than a couple watersport activities! 

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Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

6.) Parties 

Planning a party is sometimes half of the fun and in the summertime, the extra free time makes that even more appealing! If you would like to throw parties for the summer holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day then it is important to get those events on the calendar quickly. If you wait till the last minute you are likely to have a party with no guests because people plan ahead for set events. 

If you were thinking of just throwing a party for fun on any random day, then you should still plan ahead! Think of a fun theme. Look at the weather. No matter what you do it is important that you think ahead so that you can plan the best summer party! 

Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

7.) Volunteer! 

No matter what your job is, you are bound to have a little more free time during the summer months. That being said, there is more opportunity to volunteer! If you would like to serve on a service team and travel someplace far, it is vital to plan ahead because you need enough time to plan flights and activities. 

If you would like to volunteer closer to home, you probably don’t need to plan too far ahead of time but it does make sense to think of a plan ahead of time. Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

8.) Drive-In Movie Theatres 

So nostalgic and so romantic. You can probably catch a great movie on any given day without too much planning but if you take the time to look ahead of time you may just be in for a treat. A lot of redone drive-in movie theatres will offer day-long marathons for a great price. 

You can go, bring snacks and lounge around all day in the cool summer evenings, maybe even with a new summer romance. 

Summer Activities to Plan Ahead For

Summer, summer, summer. We look forward to it every year, especially after a long freezing cold winter. It is important to look ahead so that you can jam-pack your calendar with fun outdoor summer events! Take the time, see what is out there and start penciling it into your calendar. If you plan ahead you can do more and pay way less. 

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