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10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget

10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget

When we think of summer activities, beaches, travel, vacation, and money come to mind. Maybe you need to save up before you enjoy your big, summer vacation, or maybe you just need some inexpensive activities to pass the time before you head off on your more extravagant summer plans. The point is, you need some summer activities to do on a low budget. We got you covered, and we get it. Not everyone has the budget to do big, extravagant vacations, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have an awesome summer. Here are some summer activities that minimize cost and maximize your fun.

1. Did someone say BBQ?

Yes, the classic barbeque. It’s a summer staple that can be done on a low budget at almost anytime during the summer. All you need is someone who knows how to grill, hamburger meat, hot dogs, buns and drinks and you’re good to go! Grab all your friends so each of you can pitch in to cut down costs even more. You can also turn your BBQ into a potluck so everyone can bring something to eat and it won’t cost too much for anyone. So, enjoy eating outdoors and jamming to some good music with all your friends. You can always order a pizza if BBQing doesn’t work out well.

10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget


2. Take a hike

It doesn’t cost much to get outside, actually, it costs nothing at all. So, grab a backpack and break out your hiking boots and find a trail to hike with some friends. Try an easy trail and take some cute, candid photos, or try a more challenging one and get a good work out in. If hiking isn’t available near your location, simply take a walk in a park or around nature. Getting outside is what’s summer is all about after all. Be sure to bring some music and snacks with you!

3. Picnic time

Most of us haven’t had a picnic in a while. They are great if you’re on a low budget because you can just take some snacks from your house, fill up some water botters, bring an old blanket and your phone to play some music. You can have a picnic at your local park, in the back of your car or even just your backyard. Invite your friends, make it a family day, or even a solo trip. Enjoy the fresh air and summer sun with virtually no cost to you.

10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget


4. Tan the old fashion way

While you’re on your picnic, wear a bathing suit so you lay out in the sun and get a nice tan. This brings back memories from my childhood when my friends and I couldn’t go to the public pool, we would go to the park or my friend’s roof and tan until the sun went down. With that being said, don’t forget to wear plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water while you’re out!

10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget

5. Volleyball anyone?

Simple sports games always make a comeback in the summertime. They are easy to set up and all you really have to do is pump up the ball and head out. These sports games can be volleyball, corn hole, basketball, throwing the baseball around, playing frisbee and so on. Most of us have these items in our garage somewhere, if not they’re fairly inexpensive to buy at your local retailer or sports shop.


6. Thrift shopping

Summer is a great time to find all the hidden gems at your local thrift store. Most people are cleaning out their houses during the summer and are donating their stuff, therefore the selection to choose from is amazing. Find some cute summer clothes or items to DIY and decorate your home with. Now is the time to get those great finds for low prices.

7. Bonfires

We love a good bonfire. It is another classic summer staple that can be done as frequently as you would like and only needs a few inexpensive items like, logs, matches. Make sure you are doing this in a safe, fire-friendly place and that you have someone who knows how to build one properly. So, invite all your friends and even roast some marshmallows while you’re at it.

10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget

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8. Water balloon fights

Water balloons may seem like they are for kids, but hey, when you’re on a budget and it’s hot out, it really isn’t a bad idea. Kids have more fun anyway! You can find the water balloons at any big retailer, and of course, you have the water at home. So, invite your friends over to your backyard and have some friendly competition!

9. Stargazing

This is another one of those summer activities that remind you of childhood. Stargazing is a simple activity to do on a warm summer night that also requires no money. Gather your friends and family and sit on your porch or deck, lay some blankets in the backyard, or drive to a special location and sit in the trunk and enjoy the stars. Add some sparklers, music, and good drinks and this will be a good night.

10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget

10. Find your local watering hole

Not all of us live near the beach, and if you do, what are you doing reading this?! Go to the beach! However, for most of us, there are some sources of water that are used recreationally that we can go to, even if we have to drive a little. Do some research, find a reservoir you can swim in, a lake you can fish in, or a creek you can stick your feet in. If you’re not able to find any of these near you, and you are willing to pay a little extra, go to your local water park or pool. After all, it’s summer so you gotta spend some time in the water at least once!

10 Summer Activities To Do On A Low Budget

Which one of these low-budget, summer activities are you going to try? Let us know in the comment section!

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