10 Summer 2019 Swimsuits You Need To Wear To The Beach

The warmer weather will be here before you know it, and you will be wanting to show off your gym toned body at the beach and pool. Ditch everything that you wore last year and get into some Summer 2019 swimsuits From bikinis and one pieces to monokinis and more, here are 10 Summer 2019 swimsuits you need to wear to the beach.

1. The Triangle top bikini

Triangle top bikinis are a summer staple and have become more and more popular since the launch of the Triangle swimwear company in 2013. Made out of neoprene (the same material as wetsuits) this bikini is super flexible for all out your wild outdoor activities.

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2. The Tube top bikini

If you are feeling adventerous and cannot wait for all of the upcoming Summer 2019 swimsuits, you need to try out a bikini that features a tube top as the top piece. Just make sure to tie it tightly and be careful in the ocean!

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3. The High waisted bikini

This is a great option for Summer 2019 swimsuits. Whether you are going for a more retro and refined look, or if you just want to conceal a little bit more of your body, the high waisted bikini is the option for you.

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4. The Monokini

The monokini takes your basic one piece and adds tons of sex appeal. With strategically placed cut outs all throughout that show off  your body, the monokini is sure to attract everyones attention as you hang out at the beach with friends.

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5. The Long sleeved crop top with regular bikini bottoms

Try out something new this Summer with a long sleeved bikni top and regular cheeky bottoms. The top will keep you warm in the ocean if you try out any extreme sports such as surfing, jetskiing, or if you just relaxing out on the sand with friends.

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6.  The Patterned one piece

Dress up your normal one piece bathing suit by choosing one with a unique and outgoing pattern. Different designs can show off your own individual personality and will make sure that you stand out in all of your group selfies.

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7. The Baywatch one piece

Summer 2019 swimsuits have so many options available, look iconic as you step onto the beach in a red one piece bathing suit. Mirror the days when Baywatch was the most watched show around and be the envy of all of your friends on the beach.

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8. The Denim Halter bikini

Summer 2019 swimsuits have taken an interesting turn by incorporating a denim pattern into many of the styles that are available this year. Even though you may think that this swimsuit is made out of your regular denim material it is completely waterproof and perfect for your next beach getaway.

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9. The Metallic bikini

Grab everyone’s attention this year at all of  your summer parties in this metallic swimsuit. The bright color options make this one of many fun Summer 2019 swimsuits that you can rock all season long.

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10. The Thong bikini

Don’t be afraid to show off some skin in your Summer 2019 swimsuits. A thong bikini bottom allows you to show off all of your hard work and squats that you put in at the gym.

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Which of these Summer 2019 swimsuits are you going to be adding to your collection?
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