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How “The Suite Life” Perfectly Depicts the Personalities In Every College Dorm

How “The Suite Life” Perfectly Depicts the Personalities In Every College Dorm

It feels like just yesterday we were watching Zack and Cody’s shenanigans in the Tipton Hotel, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since “The Suite Life” first aired. Though, considering the unique ensemble of personalities all living within the same building, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that one of our favorite childhood television shows perfectly depicts the multiple personalities you will see in every college dorm. Here are nine incredibly spot-on “The Suite Life” representations of the most common types of people you’ll find in your college dorm!

1. Mr. Moseby – AKA your RA.

The the ruler of your floor, the one who keeps you in check and puts your safety first. The formidable, unforgettable, undeniable Mr. Moseby (aka your RA). They’re in charge, they call the shots and even though they have your best interests in mind, they sometimes seem like a buzz kill. Mr. Moseby watches you and what you do, reminding you of of the rules and everything you may not realize.

2. London Tipton – the life of the party.

This girl knows how to have fun…although college has been a bit of a shock for her since she isn’t used to living on a budget and has yet to learn to how to manage properly in light of her new found freedom.


3. Maddie Fitzpatrick – the study bug.

These are the ones who are extremely focused and always seem to be doing homework or working, and seem to be involved in every organization on campus. She loves what she’s doing, but she often doesn’t leave much time for anything that doesn’t appear to be productive, often setting aside her social life for something more ‘beneficial.’ (And occasionally the stress gets the best of her.)

4. Zack Martin – the ladies man.

Also between the floors of your college dorm, there’s most definitely many Zack Martins, the self proclaimed ladies man who is always down for a good time. He takes every opportunity to hit on a girl and prides himself for his ‘smooth’ pick up lines.

5. Cody Martin – the sensitive one.

As any “The Suite Life” fan will know, for every Zack, there has to be a Cody. He is the sensitive, serious, sweet one. No matter how kind and careful he maybe be, somehow he always ends up getting himself into unfortunate situations that go the complete opposite as planned. Every little thing is monumental to Cody and he takes small setbacks especially seriously.


6. Muriel – the lazy one.

You can find her wherever the food is around your residence hall, and if she’s not there, you should check her bed because she is probably taking a nap. Muriels are always down to have a little fun, as long as it doesn’t involve too much effort. Though it is important to note that Muriel are often known to ‘dip out,’ especially when there is a mess to be cleaned up or blame to be made.

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7. Arwin – a bit of an oddball.

Arwin is a little nerdy, awkward and could rattle off technological jargon all day. He is an oddball, a wild card and you can’t put anything past him. He’ll go a week hidden in his room working on a new invention and next thing you know he’s dancing on a table at the party you’re at.


8. Esteban – the gentleman.

Esteban is the gentleman of “The Suite Life,” and you probably know exactly who he is in your dorm. He takes his reputation extremely seriously and finds confrontation rather awkward. He tries to be serious and has a good heart, though his plans always tend to go south, especially when he tries to appear cool. (Like that time he tried to slide down the staircase and landed on his face.)

9. Millicent – the loose cannon.

However, no matter which character we are more inclined to relate to, everyone knows a Millicent, the emotionally unstable hard worker. whose stress levels always seem to be through the roof – and that’s on a good day.
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