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10 Sugar-Free Treats To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We all know the struggle of wanting to enjoy our treats, sweets, and desserts, but feeling guilty because of the crazy amounts of sugar often found in many of our favorites. Having too much sugar in your diet can be unhealthy for a number of different reasons, but lucky for us, there are products and recipes out there that eliminate all the extra added and processed sugars that are so bad for us while still tasting amazing! These 10 sugar-free treats are great examples of tasty snacks that’ll satisfy even the worst sweet tooth without any bad sugars.

1. Russel Stover’s Sugar-Free Chocolates

Russel Stover is known for delicious chocolates that are great for any special occasion or just as a little treat, but did you know about the sugar-free chocolate line? These chocolates by Russel Stover are made with Stevia instead of typical sucrose so they’re a great treat for anyone watching their sugar intake.

The best part about these chocolates is that the taste is virtually the same as the chocolates made with sugar! Taste is not sacrificed in these sugar-free chocolates, and they come in a variety of different flavors!

Check them out:

2. David’s Sugar-Free Cookies

Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? They’re my personal weakness – I feel like I’m always craving a warm, fresh-baked cookie. Luckily, David’s cookies offer a delicious and satisfying chocolate chip cookie that’s also sugar-free! With these cookies, you can feel less guilty about enjoying them than you might with a traditional cookie and there’s no shortage of flavor! They’re soft and super enjoyable without being packed full of sugars.

Check them out:

3. Jackie’s Sugar-Free Fudge

This fudge made by Jackie’s Chocolate is so good, you wouldn’t even know it’s sugar-free! It’s smooth and creamy, just what you would want from a good fudge, and it’s better for you!

This fudge is a win-win because you can eat it virtually guilt-free because of the lack of sugar, and it tastes ah-maze-ing! This fudge comes in a variety of different delicious flavors, like chocolate, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate peanut butter, and you can easily enjoy it yourself or gift it to someone you love! 

Check them out:

4. Nuts’ Caramel Corn

This caramel popcorn by Nuts is almost too good to be true. It’s sugar-free and delicious and makes a great snack for any occasion! It tastes just like traditional caramel corn but without the traditional, bad-for-you sugars. It’s crunchy, salty, and still sweet and if you’re a fan of caramel corn but want to watch your sugar intake, this is the one for you! 

Check them out:

5. Candy People’s Swedish Fish

If you love Swedish Fish or gummy candies but don’t want all the extra processed sugar that is typically in those types of candies, you’ve got to check out these gummy fish by Candy People. They’re berry flavored and super delicious and of course, sugar-free!

You can feel better enjoying these gummy candies than you would other brands that include sugar. Candy People also specialize in many other gummy-candies that are sugar-free, so if you want more variety than Swedish fish, this is your brand!

Check them out:

6. Tom & Jenny’s Caramels

If you’re interested in sugar-free and delicious candy, you have to try some of Tom&Jenny’s soft caramels! Dr. Jenny of Tom&Jenny’s is actually a dentist, so you can be sure these sugar-free candies are a much better alternative to traditional caramels that could leave you with cavities!

These candies are made with two plant-based alternatives to traditional sugar and come in a variety of different flavors, including classic caramel, chocolate, coffee, ginger, and spiced rum!  Treat yourself to these caramels without the guilt!

Check them out:

7. Glee Gum’s Sugar-Free Candy Tarts

Glee Gum specializes in making delicious chewing gum with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. If that’s not enough, treat yourself to some of Glee Gum’s candy tarts! In addition to sugar-free gum, Glee Gum makes these delicious sugar-free candy tarts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

They come in a variety of tasty fruity flavors like passion fruit, lemon, pineapple, and cherry and are a nice snack for when you’re craving some candy but don’t want the sugar. Like their gum, Glee Gum’s candy tarts are made with no artificial ingredients, so you can really enjoy these candies guilt-free!

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Check them out:

8. See’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Almonds

Chocolate and almonds are a classic and delicious pairing that goes so well together as a sweet treat. Luckily, See’s Candies offers a yummy and sugar-free alternative to this classic candy that still tastes just as sweet! They hand-sort their almonds so only the finest are selected to be coated in the deliciously dark and creamy sugar-free chocolate coating. If you’re a sucker for the classic chocolate and almond combination, give these sugar-free ones a try!

Check them out:

9. Choc Zero’s Peanut Butter Cups

Who doesn’t enjoy a good peanut butter cup every now and again? These ones by Choch Zero are both delicious and sugar-free, so you can enjoy one (or two) guilt-free. They’re keto-friendly and made with sugar-free peanut butter and chocolate.

These peanut butter cups are a smart and tasty alternative to traditional, more sugary peanut butter cups and they come in a variety of flavors including the classic milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate – all sugar-free!

Check them out:

10. Good Dee’s Snack Cake Mix

Now this is a sugar-free cake mix I can really get behind. Not only is it sugar-free, but Good Dee’s cake mix is also free of gluten, soy, grains, dairy, and is low in carbs! While being free of so many bad-for-you ingredients, this cake mix promises a cake that’s still flavorful and delicious and just as sweet. 

If you’re looking for a quality cake mix that is much healthier for you than other traditional cake mixes, this is the one! Whatever the occasion (even if it’s just to have as a snack for later!), baking a cake from this sugar-free cake mix is sure to be a hit. 

Check them out:

Going sugar-free is a really smart move to make for your overall health, and it doesn’t have to be hard! There are many brands out there tackling the sugar-free challenge and providing treats that lack the sugar but maintain the sweetness we know and love. Once you see just how sweet going sugar-free can be, you may never want to go back! Would you try any of these sugar-free treats? Comment below!

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