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Suffering From Mid-Year Fatigue? Here’s How To Combat It

Suffering From Mid-Year Fatigue? Here’s How To Combat It

Recently 2019 has passed the halfway mark…


If you search Google for ‘mid-year fatigue’, there are few relevant entries that uncover any understanding locked into that mysterious phrase. It’s not very discussed, but it definitely seems to exist, however, under the radar, it may be.


You may recognise it. A certain weariness that pervades through the summer months. An acknowledgement that life is no less difficult now the sun shines more; work and life events still preoccupy you, and the days just keep coming. Except now you realise you have to do it all over again, a whole other 6 months on top of what you’ve already shuffled through – and, in a couple of months, everything will get cold again. You’re tired, no matter how much sleep you get, and there’s no end in sight.

But at least you’ve got Christmas to look forward to. Eventually.

Mid-year fatigue – the sleepiness and down-troddenness that doesn’t seem to quite go away – definitely seems to be a thing, even if no one’s really heard about it. If it’s getting you down, you might not know how to shake it off. But if you’re suffering, then here’s how to combat it. 


1. Take time off

This is the more expensive of the options on here, but it’s undeniable how helpful holidays can be.

Booking a holiday can be a strain on your income, but if you fill up your days with rest, relaxation and memories, then it’s healing to your heart and your mind. You’ll have plenty of reasons to reminisce when you come back from your adventures, and the opportunity to get away from the drudgery of everyday life will be felt for months.

Or, if you have the time between work and other large commitments you may have, then why not up sticks and head over hill and highway for a weekend?


Although you can plan it – and, generally, employers require the heads up – some of the best adventures are ones with at least a little bit of spontaneity about them. Heading somewhere just for the hell of it is exciting and freeing, reminding you when it’s necessary that you are not wholly tethered to work, education and whatever else is draining you.

Suffering From Mid-Year Fatigue? Here’s How To Combat It

2. Eat well

Tempted by ice creams, barbecues and summer sweets. Let’s face it – it’s very easy to fall out of good eating habits when the sun appears again.


Summer tends to be heavy on the sugar and the meat. While it’s good to treat yourself every once in a while, nutrition may be a part of why you’re not feeling as rested.

Lay back on the sweets, and grab the salads. Make sure you know what’s best for your body, and keep your meals refreshing. On particularly hot days, drink even more water than normal. If your body could speak, it would definitely thank you for it.

3. Start something active – physically and mentally

Sometimes the best way to deal with the mundane is to interrupt it with something different. Doing the same things, day in, day out, inevitably will put a strain on your enjoyment of it. Occupying your mind with something new can help sever that cycle of feeling burnt out simply from similarity.


This can manifest in different ways. It doesn’t have to be a new view, although that never hurts. It may be something like interior design – adding more to a bedroom, or redesigning whatever you need – or picking up a new hobby.

However, for the best results, start something that positively impacts your life in a wider context. Engaging in more exercise keeps your body regulated, and wakes you up. Learning a musical instrument can help you regain confidence, and encourage you to try new things. A once stifling room can become fundamental for your creativity once more. Help yourself make an impact.

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Suffering From Mid-Year Fatigue? Here’s How To Combat It

4. Time with your loved ones

Bogged down by the little things, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important of them. Whoever your family is, whether it’s blood-related or a chosen family, take some time to visit them and catch up.

Reaching out to loved ones can be a surefire to get through the murkiness of a bad feeling. Talk to people who understand you and who you are confident to confess your emotions to – and plan together how to combat it. They’ll want to hear from you and hear how you’re doing. 


5. Cultivate your nature

As animals of the Earth, it’s not surprising that we humans feel a different connection to nature that we don’t feel with concrete, for example. Spending time in nature has been proven to make us feel better, and healthier. Taking the time off to travel to a place of astonishing natural beauty, then, such as the Peaks or the Lake District, can do a lot more for you than you might expect. In terms of cheap tickets to boost your wellness, it’s quite unparalleled.

Of course, some people get an advantage if they don’t live in a city or if they’re off on holiday. But that doesn’t stop the rest from enjoying the benefits of nature. Visiting a green area wherever you live will have the same sort of effect, even if it’s just a park in the middle of a large city. It’s still green.

Don’t limit it to outside areas, either: bring nature inside of your house. Buying indoor plants that are cheap to maintain and hardy for indoor living can transform how you view your living space.


Caring for other life can bring you in sharp reflection of your own, and connect you a little more with the outside world. Emotional wellbeing is important when it comes to fighting fatigue – and peace of mind may yet still help it!

Suffering From Mid-Year Fatigue? Here’s How To Combat It

How do you prevent the onset of weariness and fatigue? Let me know in the comments below!

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