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6 Subtle Ways To Let Your Boyfriend Know You Want To Move In With Him

6 Subtle Ways To Let Your Boyfriend Know You Want To Move In With Him

6 Subtle Ways To Let Your Boyfriend Know You Want To Move In With Him

Convincing a man of something he hasn’t considered yet is a great fabled art of a long-lost time, but moving in with a significant other is a right of passage most of us face. It’s just as much fun as it is terrifying, but it’s worth it as long as you have the right tips.

1. Drop hints that you might be looking for a new place

You are looking for a new place, it just so happens that your boyfriend’s apartment is the one you have in mind. Don’t be afraid to whine about it a little, of course he wants to help you out. If that so happens help gives him the motivation he’s been waiting for to ask you to move in with him then so be it!


2. Just tell him.

It’s painful but it could be worse. The amount of awkward shuffling-around each other you’ll experience will be worth the opportunity to ask, as well as the chance to put the idea in his head and let him know where you are in the relationship. Plus, you never know, he might be ecstatic to move in with you. Maybe he even wants to move to your place.

3. Start leaving things at his place

Don’t leave it all at once, be subtle about it. First a shirt, then some shoes, and so on and so forth until he just allows you to leave stuff there. If you do it for long enough he’ll probably just suggest it himself, especially if that’s where you spend the majority of your time.


4. Give him the “I’m great to live with” treatment

Are you a great cook? You don’t have to be, but why order takeout when you can show your boyfriend some skills he’ll want around the house. Make him dinner, whip up some breakfast. If cooking really isn’t your thing, give into your urge to gently heckle him about living in filth and make him help you clean the whole place spotless. Do this for long enough and he’ll have to admit that you two make a pretty good live-in pair.

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5. Talk about how horrible your apartment is

Is it a blatant guilt trip? Perhaps, but what guy can resist the urge to play the knight in shining armor when called upon to do so by his girlfriend? Having problems with a landlord? Annoying neighbors? That lady with her kids lives across the hall and she won’t stop leaving ominous messages in Latin outside of your door? Confessing the frustration brought about by such things to your sweetheart might just be the solution to all of your problems. If his apartment sucks too, swoop in like the confident and sexy woman you are and mention looking for a new one, hint at finding a roommate. You could even play it casual and mention in an offhanded way that the position is open for takers, that way he knows that you’re not specifically looking for a non-romantic friend.


6. Move in with a guy friend

No malicious intent here, just try it out! This workable in two ways: You get experience living with a guy (which is imperitive, especially if you don’t have any brothers) and your boyfriend gets experience knowing you live with a guy other than himself. Not only does this build trust, it also plants the idea that you could be living with another guy, i.e. himself. This might not be ideal if you’ve dated for quite a long time but if it’s been a couple years or less then you have plenty of time to sway him over to the “living with you” side of dating. Nothing is the same after you live with somebody you’re dating, but the fun that comes out of making him want to move in is well worth the wait.

Your boyfriend might already want to move in with you, but asking for advice and help is important in this new journey!