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10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

If you’re ready to let him know you’re into him but you’re too shy to just blurt it out, try using these ten subtle tricks to help suggest to your crush that you may see him as more than just a friend!

1) Use Eye Contact

When you talk to him and when he is talking to you, make sure you look at him! If you look away or don’t look at him at, he may get the opposite idea and think that you don’t enjoy being around him. Using eye contact during conversation lets him know that you are present, and you’re hearing what he is saying and will let him know you’re into him. He gets the impression that you are genuinely interested in what you’re talking about, and you get an excuse to stare into those beautiful eyes of his! Eye contact isn’t just for during conversation though either! If you’re at a party with your crush, throw him casual glances every now and then to know that you’re thinking about him. If he starts looking back, that’s a pretty good indicator he may feel the same way!

2) Pay Attention When He Speaks

Let him know that you’re  paying attention! Engage in the conversation, and make eye contact. Bring up little things he’s mentioned to you in the past. He’ll get the hint that you listen when he talks, and that you care about what he’s saying. Just don’t go overboard on this one. You don’t want him to think you hang on his every word. Because at the end of the day, he IS still a guy, and a little mystery is never a bad thing! just let him know you’re tuned in!

3) Find Any Excuse To Touch Him

As I’m sure we’re all aware, guys are very physically driven,. They will pick up on physical signs long before they notice any of your other hints, so don’t be shy when it comes to touching. However, there is such a thing as too far. You want to let him know you’re into him and that you’re serious, not just DTF. There are lots of easy ways to touch your crush without being creepy, and if he’s into you the way you’re into him, he’ll provide plenty of opportunity. If he makes a joke, grab his arm while you laugh. Play-fight with him, and if a photo opportunity presents itself, make sure you get nice and close. These subtle touches will start to plant the idea in his head that you may be into him, and the anticipation he’ll feel waiting for the next time you’ll touch him will drive him CRAZY.

10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

4) Laugh At His Jokes 

If you like a guy, chances are you already adore his personality, so this one shouldn’t be too hard. If your crush makes a joke or says something funny, let him know you liked it! Let out a little giggle if he makes a funny face, and if you find something extremely hilarious, it’s okay to unleash that super goofy laugh you usually only let your good friends see. He’ll appreciate the fact that you both have a similar sense of humor, and chances are he’ll start feeling more and more comfortable around you. 

10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

5) Show Him You Know Him

When you hang out, let him know you’re into him by suggesting things that you know he likes, and do things he’s mentioned he enjoys. Play his favorite video game, put on his favorite song, wear his favorite color. The possibilities here are endless, just try and avoid any big gestures just yet. Remember we’re trying to be subtle here, so buying him tickets to see his favorite sports team might be a bit too on the nose here. If you hang out at your house, stock up on snacks you know he likes. And when he says things like “wow I love this song” or “these chips are my favorite”, say “I know”! He’ll appreciate the small details, and it will let him know that you’re paying attention. 

10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

6) Be Direct

If you think he looks nice in the shirt he’s wearing, tell him! If you really like the way he laughs, tell him! If you enjoy spending time with him… TELL HIM! As much as it’s important to not be overwhelming and overbearing, you also have to remember that guys are not wired the same way we are. They think differently. Sometimes you just have to let him know exactly what’s on your mind, because there is such a thing as too subtle! And just like you, he enjoys being appreciated every now and then! 

7) Make An Effort To Spend Time With Him

Let him know that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you just want to be around him. Watch a movie or hang out while he plays a video game. Tell him you’re cool with hanging out with the guys, or running errands with him. He’ll really love the sentiment, and he’ll start to notice that you’re always down to chill and have a good time, no matter what the plan! Keep it relaxed, and just enjoy his company! He’ll notice for sure. 

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10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

8) Always Be Sure To Smile 

If you don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself, chances are your crush won’t think you’re enjoying yourself. Try not to think about all the little things that tend to add up and can make you seem nervous or uninvolved. Smile as often as you can, and have fun! The more fun you have, the more he’ll enjoy being around you. If you start smiling at things he does, he’ll pick up on it. And if he likes you, he’ll start doing those things more and more. Anything to make you smile! Let him know you like him by letting go and letting loose when you’re around him! Don’t tense up or get stiff. Just relax and smile!!

10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

10) Always ALWAYS Be Yourself

This one is just as important for HIM as it is for YOU. If you cannot truly be yourself around your crush, you might wanna spend a little bit more time thinking about what it is you’re feeling before you decide to let him know you’re into him. If you can be completely comfortable, goofy, sensitive, moody and just about every other emotion you can name around him, do it! Guys may not think the same way we do, but they know when someone is being genuine. If you can be you r 100% authentic self in front of him, he’ll be able to tell you’re not holding back-and he’ll love it. There’s nothing better than being able to be totally at home and relaxed around someone, and if you feel that way about him, show him! Let him know you’re into him by being unapologetically real. 

10 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

Which subtle way off letting him know you like him was your favorite? Comment down below to let us know!

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