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10 Stylish Waterproof Jackets That Will Serve As Your New Raincoat

Do you hate the way regular rain jackets look with your stylish outfits? If so, this compilation of stylish waterproof jackets will give you more room to style while still staying dry. Rather than appear like you’re going hiking every time it rains, choose something that you can use as an accent piece or as the center of your whole look! Some stylish waterproof jackets, especially when oversized or floor-length, become the look when you put them on. What’s better than a rainy day look you can’t wait to wear? Almost makes you want it to rain…

1. Little White Trench

A little white trench-style coat will look bright when it rains, but still neutral enough to go with everything. The tie at the waist will help your outfit stay tailored, and avoid the strange rain jacket frumpiness that you get when you don’t choose a stylish waterproof jacket. This little white trench isn’t made of normal rain jacket material either: this coat is made of pleather! Pleather is a man-made material that doesn’t absorb water. Some people think that pleather feels too much like plastic, but that’s also the benefit of pleather, especially if you’re looking for your pleather coat to keep you dry.

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2. Go Plaid

Plaid isn’t just for blazers, flannels, or pants! Stylish waterproof jackets in plaid help elevate your rainy day outfit into something that feels put together and fashionable. Whether you pick a waterproof jacket with a detachable hood like the one below or choose to embrace this handy raincoat feature, plaid will be far from boring.

Wear your plaid waterproof jacket to a museum and stay dry on the way there while staying stylish inside. The color accents in your plaid can easily become bright accents in your outfit, like the red boots highlighting the little red lines in the plaid coat below!

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3. Classic Tan

Keep your rainy day look elegant with the Parisienne vibes of a classic tan, trench-style coat. Versatile for sunny, rainy, and cloudy days alike, a trench coat is a fashion staple that has stood the test of time. If the long trench coats seem impractical to you because the fabric always gets in the way, you can choose a waist-length coat like this one instead!

A red lip and jeans are classically French with your tan trench style coats, and a top knot will keep your hair from look ratty in the rain! Don’t forget a cute umbrella and hoops, too.

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4. Oversized In Black

Oversized, stylish waterproof jackets are perfect for rainy days that have a bit of a chill because the extra space inside the coat allows you to layer up more. A cozy, chunky knit under this oversized black jacket will make rainy days easy, and you might even start craving them. I love to hole up at a little coffee shop in the rain in my chunky knits, but the chunkier the sweater, the harder it is to fit under tailored jackets!

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5. Sweet Yellow

The classic yellow fisherman jacket is the ultimate raincoat vibe, but it’s also the best. A yellow fisherman’s jacket is a super cute way to embrace stylish waterproof jackets that are made for heavy rain, especially when you match your dog! From Brittany to Malmo to Boston, these classic yellow jackets are sure to brighten any storm. Pair with your favorite stripes and sleek black boots, or take a modern turn and choose platform combat boots. Although these jackets are technically raincoats, they are far from the hiker-style raincoats you used to wear as a kid.

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6. Powerful Red

A classic trench-style staple only gets better in red. This waterproof jacket becomes the center of your look the second you put it on, which makes styling it that much easier. You can pair with denim and black as per the norm, or brighten the look up with all white as this fashion influencer, Emelie Thomsen, chose to wear below. Your favorite white tennis shoes probably aren’t the best choice for the rain, but a sleek, Chelsea-style pull-on boot? A perfect compliment.

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7. Animal Print Poncho

I’ve been OBSESSED with these ponchos since I saw them on ASOS. 365 DRY makes rain gear intended for heavy rain, so you know you’ll be dry, but their fashion-forward prints make the ponchos something that is fashionably feasible. From leopard print to blue marble, to the mint green zebra print that I have in my cart right now, these stylish waterproof jackets are a whole look. I want it to rain so much more if it means I get to step out in one of these.

Did I mention that they will cover everything else you’re wearing? That they’re oversized? You can wear a look under a look, or keep the coat on and not worry about what you have underneath. This is the perfect opportunity for the sweatshirt dress, my friends.

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8. Well Read

Another fashion-forward way to wear prints is to pick a unique pattern like newspaper print. You can choose to emphasize black or white as shown in the product examples below, wear it as an accent piece, or wear an entire newspaper print outfit like our favorite fashion influencer Jessica Wang. A clear plastic umbrella is the umbrella of choice for fashion folk, and I’m particularly a fan of how this see-through umbrella supports your newspaper print being the center of attention.

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9. Soft Blue

Opt out of the idea of rain jackets altogether and instead wear an oversized men’s coat as a dress. Seriously! That is what’s happening here, but Negin Mirsalehi, as always, shows us that oversized coats make sexy, irresistible dresses. Although not all light blue men’s jackets are made equal in style and in waterproofing capabilities, you can play with the style of the coat until you find one that works with your style best. Below, the track jacket style lends a sporty athleisure vibe; perfect for L.A., Hawaii, and other warm destinations.

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10. Earthy Green

Another of my favorite stylish waterproof jackets, olive green trench coats are total eye candy. There are plenty of olive green trench coats out there to choose from, but if you want something a little bit more surprising, pick a stylish pleather with a nice sheen to it. Another awesome thing about pleather- besides it being vegan and waterproof- is the fact that it’s super warm! If you live in the north and your rainy days are frequently chilly, a pleather trench coat like this one will be your best pick.

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Which of these stylish waterproof jackets will you be wearing this rainy season? Let us know which you picked and how you’ll be styling it!

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