5 Stylish Swaps To Be More Sustainable

Going green and staying sustainable are all over the internet these days. Fortunately for the environment, these phrases aren’t just another fad that will be gone in a couple of months. With global warming finally starting to mean something to people and more and more reports about how hurting the environment hurts us, people are now starting to change their lifestyles to be more eco-friendly. Luckily for us though, being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean a complete lifestyle change. There are so many easy swaps you can make to reduce your negative impact on the environment. And as a bonus, they’re pretty cute too.

1. Electric Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are terrible for the environment. They aren’t biodegradable and are thrown out by the masses continuously. That means there are millions of toothbrushes just sitting in landfills that will never decompose. Gross right? By switching to an electric toothbrush, you eliminate your waste and lessen the number of toothbrushes that will be thrown away. And if you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly, try a bamboo toothbrush! They are just like a regular plastic one but are biodegradable.

2. Reusable Water Bottle + Straw

Plastic water bottles hurt the environment. Even though they are recyclable, it’s still better to just avoid them all together. By switching to a reusable water bottle or Tervis Tumbler, you are saving so much money and plastic. Plastic straws have the same effect on the environment as those plastic toothbrushes we already talked about, so ditching them is great too. You can get a reusable plastic or glass one as well as disposable ones made out of paper.

3. Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

There are so many options when it comes to eco friendly shopping bags. There are the simple ones you can pick up right at the grocery store checkout as well as ones that are a little more stylish. Even though you can use whatever tote bag you already have lying around the house, there are few that we can recommend that are as stylish as they are functional. One of my favorite brands is FEED, which donates meals to those effected by famine for every purchase you make from the company.

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4. Sustainable Footwear Brands

One of the biggest industries being called out for its negative impact on the environment is fashion. With the rise of disposable clothing and people only wearing things a couple of times before throwing it out, more and more clothes are going into the landfills and the waste from making these clothes is only increasing. A celebrity approved footwear brand, Allbirds, is known for making the most comfortable shoes in the world in super cute styles and colors.

5. Cloth Over Paper

Paper towels are not only a waste of resources but also money. While they are handy to have in the kitchen for the odd clean up situation, it really is better for you and the environment to invest in some cute cloth dish towels. They can be a great accent to the kitchen and bathroom and don’t have to be replaced. Believe me, I think my mom has had the same ones for 20 years.

How do you try to stay more sustainable? Let us know in the comments below!
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