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Stylish Summer Travel Outfits To Pack For Your Upcoming Trip

Summer travel outfits should be two things: cute and comfy! Travel in style with outfits you can mix and match with wardrobe you already own and the treasured few finds you pick up shopping along the way. Whether you are heading out of the country this summer or staying local, these outfits are great for everyday wear. Read on for our favorite outfits of summer that you won’t want to take off no matter the weather!

Midi skirt & tee shirt

Summer travel outfits should be two things cute and comfortable. That’s why we suggest packing your favorite midi skirt and comfy tee shirt for an outfit look that is perfect for the day and evening. A basic tee shirt is a staple everyone should have in their closet, especially a white tee. The white tee shirt is casual yet polished. The midi skirt is the perfect contrast to the casualness of the tee. It gives you just the right amount of dressiness you need to compliment your tee. The best part of this outfit is you can pair it with just about any shoe. So if you are exploring a new city during the day, a white pair of tennis sneakers would look equally as good as wearing a pair of designer flats while enjoying the nightlife.

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Basic shorts & tank top

Sticking with the theme of cute and comfy, packing shorts and a cute tank on a summer trip is a must! If you don’t already, make sure to keep the weather in mind when packing your summer travel outfits. That way you are always prepared with appropriate clothing. Say that you are venturing somewhere warm and humid like Florida in July you can save room in your luggage by bringing along your favorite shorts and a tank top. Shorts and tanks are summer clothing essentials. With so many different prints, designs and lengths you’ll always be able to mix and match your tanks and shorts and create interesting and trendy outfits every time.

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Basic Jeans And Tank

If you are someone who hates the way you look in shorts or just don’t like wearing them another good summer travel outfit to pack is your basic jeans and tanks. Sometimes I find wearing jeans in the summer to be more comfortable than wearing shorts. You don’t have to constantly stop your shorts from rising and the fact that your legs are hidden can act as a shade for your legs and make you feel cooler while in the humid air. Plus there’s no better feeling than laying out in the grass in jeans while soaking up the sun. You don’t have to worry about the ticklish grass or bugs that might crawl up your leg. You can just sit pretty in your favorite tank and jeans and soak up the rays without a care in the world.

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Denim jumpsuit

Comfortable clothing doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Summer travel outfits should also make you feel and look good while in them. A great outfit you should pack on your next summer destination is a denim jumpsuit. This all-in-one piece is great because it can be dressed up and down and won’t take up much room in your luggage bag either. Plus, who doesn’t love a fabulous one-piece outfit? A denim jumpsuit is a timesaver for when you want to get up and start your day without spending loads of time mulling over what clothes to wear. You can wear it alone or layer on some jewelry depending on your style. 

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All-white dress

The all-white dress is a classic summer go-to style that is perfect for anyone! There is no wrong way to rock an all-white dress in the summer. You can keep it boho with a wide-brimmed hat and espadrilles, or go preppy with a nautical scarf tied around a low ponytail with a pair of Ked sneakers on your feet. As Cady Heron in Means Girls would say, “The limit does not exist!” You can do so much with a versatile dress that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! 

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Cute Romper

You can’t spell summer travel outfits with a romper! You can find a variety of cute rompers in both casual and dressy style. This perfect summer vacation outfit is not only super comfortable but versatile enough to quickly throw on for running errands or a stroll around town. They come in solid colors as well as fun and bright summer prints like stripes and polka dots. Whatever your style may be, you can find a romper that fits your unique self.

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If you ever had to catch a red-eye flight to snag good plane ticket deals, I’m pretty sure you weren’t dressed to the nines at midnight. A great travel outfit everyone should pack on a trip is some type of athletic wear. These days Nike makes some very fashionable athleisure wear that you can wear not just at the gym but everywhere. On a summer trip having a cute athletic outfit is great for days when the weather is less than ideal or when you have to catch an early or late flight. No one enjoys waiting at airports for hours on end, but when you have no other choice it’s good to wear something comfortable but also cute just in case the guy sitting next to you is the one. We can only dream!

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Wide-legged pants

During summer, the weather is hot and you long to be cool. On your next trip, pack a pair of cute wide-legged pants instead of your normal skinny jeans. Hear me out on this one, it might look a little awkward at first but you just have to figure out how to rock them. It can be as simple as a black tank top, necklace, and slide sandals and you have a fashionable outfit with little effort. The wide-legged pants are a nice contrast to typical tight jeans you are used to wearing during the colder months. Summer is not a time to play it safe, be bold and daring and get out of your fashion comfort zones. You might be surprised what amazing looks you can create when you try something new!

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What are your favorite summer travel outfits to pack for a trip? Let us know below in the comment section!

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