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10 Stylish Printed Pants To Get You Out Of Your Fashion Rut

Stylish printed pants are a wonderful and easy way to boost your mood, while simultaneously turning heads and making days. After wearing the same old drab solids and neutrals of the everyday grind, you might start to feel a little bored with your look. A routine outfit can truly start to look tired, so it’s important to rest and refresh your wardrobe. There are many, many prints to choose from, so no matter your comfort and confidence level, you can definitely find the right stylish printed pants for you. It’s important for you to get out of your comfort zone from time to time! Plus, you have to ask yourself: can you even call it fashion if you aren’t taking any risks?

1. Retro Bold

The oversized yellow, brown, and orange graphic pictured on these stylish printed pants will give a real retro feel to your whole look. When you choose a pair of white boots, metallic boots, or a combination of the two in a sleek silhouette, you’ll update your retro print while still paying homage to the go-go dancing era of the white boot. Make sure to scroll through pics of the 70’s for some good inspiration. Retro colors, styles, and prints are very important in fashion right now, so it’s best if you know how to recognize retro, and also how to style it.

2. Classy And Sassy

Neutrals tones can shed their same old feel and become a little more exotic with some stylish printed pants in beige snakeskin. A pair of black combat boots is perfect for supporting the attitude that the snakeskin naturally brings, while a classic coat in a neutral shade will help to keep the look classy and sleek. A simple white tee and gold chain are just enough to perfect the ensemble; if you added too many extra accessories to this look it would start to feel cluttered pretty quickly. This is true of most outfits including stylish printed pants. A bold print is generally enough extra oomph to keep the eye dancing.


3. Tasteful Botanicals

Nothing says I’m a lady with taste like a sleek, refined, elegant botanical print. The outline of a palm leaf is super trendy right now on all things, so stylish printed pants can only elevate this lovely pattern. With a beautiful silken cami and just a hint of lace, you can easily become that wistful, show-stopping protagonist you always wanted to be. Don’t forget to paint your nails to match. 


4. Vibrant Plaid

Plaid is a print that can fluctuate from Irish grandfather, to corporate overlord, all the way to grunge-y punk. It’s truly amazing how versatile this print is. A vibrant yellow plaid will liven up stylish printed pants and take them to the fashion bank. The perfect balance of fresh, surprising, and traditional, lemon yellow plaid is sure to make everyone smile just a little.

5. Pull-On Flares

Pull-on flares are a really comfy silhouette for stylish printed pants, and they provide you with a fashionable way to enjoy every bit of your dinner without feeling guilty or starting to fill out your outfit too much. Choosing a youthful zebra print will prevent you from looking too grandma in your pull-on pants, especially when paired with a low cut blouse that shows off your figure. These will be your new dinner, dance, and time for romance pants before you know it.


6. Printed Corduroy

Stylish printed pants do, in fact, come in corduroy! Now you can enjoy all the comfort and warmth of corduroy with all the fun freshness of a stylish print. A subtle, all-over polka dot pattern is taken to the next level when the polka dots are actually tiny ponies. If there are any horse girls out there looking for new stylish printed pants, we both know that these are definitely for you.


7. Parallel Lines

Bold, black and white stripes makes the perfect stylish printed pants for all my too-cool-for-school types who want to listen to Blondie with all the windows rolled down instead of going to class. Although these pants may have some badass attitude on their own, you can dress them up, down, and all around town to suit the right look for you. Did I mention that the vertical stripes will make your legs look like they go on for days? 

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8. Funky Florals

Fun and flirty, a graphic floral print gives off some serious 80’s vibes. A great choice for hanging out with friends, sisters, or your mom, a bold flower like the yellow beauties below has all the girl power energy, don’t you think? Although ‘girl power’ can be so many things for so many people, if it goes hand in hand with flower power for you, these pants make a great choice for owning who you are, what you like, and what you believe in. 

9. Farm Girl Gingham

Earth tones in a gingham print make stylish printed pants the natural choice for all of your outdoor adventures and excursions. Perfect for snapping picks in front of mother nature’s inherent beauty, your farm girl gingham will not detract from the scenery at all, but rather accentuate it with a subtle print, and reflect the vibrant colors around you. Mustard yellow is an especially good choice for fall, as shown in the photo below. A pair of chunky boots is practical for walking, and makes a super cute accessory!


10. You Mean Business

Probably the most acceptable type of stylish printed pants in the corporate workplace, gray plaid is classic, traditional, and not hard to pull off. Give off those 90’s Clueless vibes with a little cardigan like in the photo below, or wear a silky blouse to truly make your look office chic. Either way, you’re sure to look like a super stylish boss when you ask “Where’d I park my car?” Working girl heels optional.


Fashion ruts are a major bummer. Which of these stylish printed pants will you put on to get out of your funk?

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