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10 Stylish and Affordable Gift Ideas for Guys

10 Stylish and Affordable Gift Ideas for Guys

10 Stylish and Affordable Gift Ideas for Guys

I hate to break it to you, but it’s that time of year again: holiday shopping. While some are easier to shop for than others, there are those that leave you racking your brain and completely unsure of what to get. In my experience, it can be extremely hard to come up with gift ideas for guys, especially that perfect gift for that special man in your life (especially if he isn’t dropping any hints of what he wants). Don’t worry though, I am here to help! Here are 10 stylish gift ideas for guys, all under $50!

1. Moccasin Slippers

Moccasins are not only stylish but they keep your feet warm during the cold months. This will make great gift ideas for guys who love to lounge (and let’s face it; what guy doesn’t)!



2. Weekender Travel Bag

Everyone needs a great bag to travel with, so why not get one monogrammed for your someone special? You can purchase a cheap weekender bag and then bring it somewhere to get monogrammed. This makes your gift more thoughtful and makes his bag unique to just him. Of course, you could always just stick to the bag, as is, too!


3. Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set

The holidays usually bring many formal events, so why not get him a bow tie and pocket set. These gifts not only bring him style, but could help him out the next time he’s looking for something nice to wear.



4.  Hardshell iPhone 6 Case

If your special guy has an iPhone, cases (along with any other accessory you can think of) make great gift ideas for guys! This one is protective and stylish at the same time, and is much cheaper than traditional bumper cases.



5. Beard Kit

If your guy was supporting “Movember” and grew out his beard, or just naturally has a full beard, then this kit would be great as a gift! It comes with everything he will need to maintain that burly face, such as beard and shaving oils, a comb, and towels.

6. Watch

Getting him a watch as a gift is the ultimate present. Every guy adores getting a new watch, so you can never go wrong with getting him one! Plus there are tons of styles out there, you are guaranteed to find one he’ll love.



7. Football Logo Knit Hat

Not only is it cold outside, but it’s also time for sports. Getting him a football logo knit hat with his favorite team will surely make him smile (and keep his head warm).

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8. Sneakers

Fashionable gift ideas for guys can sometimes be hard to buy because each and every person has their own unique taste. However, how can any guy NOT like these sneakers? They are so stylish and incredibly versatile!

9. Plaid Flannel Shirt

Plaid is in this year, well, it always is! Getting him a plaid flannel shirt is ideal because it can go with pretty much any outfit, while keeping him warm.


10. Flask

Didn’t I say plaid was in?! Seriously, you can’t go wrong with plaid inspired gift ideas for guys. If he enjoys having a drink from time to time, than get him this flannel flask to perhaps match his flannel shirt! Or you could go the more traditional route and get a metal flask. This one includes a collapsible shot glass!


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