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8 Styling Tips To Add To Your Everyday Outfit

8 Styling Tips To Add To Your Everyday Outfit

If you’re a style savvy fashionista, you’re probably already pretty on top of your look. But it also means you’re always looking for more new style tips. Even if not fashion-obsessed, but your outfits are still well put together, there’s always ways you can improve your style. No matter where you fall on the style spectrum, these styling tips are sure to make your everyday outfit look more polished.

Clean Out and Organize Your Closet

Before you ever even get dressed, having a put together wardrobe is essential to helping you look put together. Similarly, a messy closet leads to a messy outfit. First, cleaning out your closet and donating or selling items that you don’t want or that don’t fit you will help narrow down your options. That way you won’t take as much time deciding what to wear. It will also help you clarify your style and prevent you from wearing something unflattering.

Secondly, organizing your closet will make it easier to find pieces you are looking for. There’s no one method of sorting that works, all the matters is that it’s consistent, whether you like to sort by color, season, or style. It can also be helpful to set aside some already styled looks that can quickly be pulled out in a hurry.


Cuffing Your Pants and Sleeves

Cuffing your pants and/or your sleeves is an increasingly popular trend, as well as an easy and subtle way to improve an outfit. The style is pretty self-explanatory, just carefully fold and roll up the ends of your t-shirts, pants, or shorts to add a little flair to your fit. Just don’t overdo, usually two rolls up is good. It’s also worth noting  that of course, this is for everyday attire, and not as suitable for the office. The reason why this styling tip works so well is because it’s easy, low-effort, and kind of retro. Just think about all the guys with rolled up t-shirts from the 50s!

8 Styling Tips To Add To Your Everyday Outfit

Throw On A Scarf

Scarves are simple but super effective ways to style up your everyday outfit, yes, even in the summertime. Scarves are great ways to add a pattern or color to your outfit and make it stand out. Scarves are also super versatile. They can be worn in a variety of different ways with different draping, ties, and knots. Every time you wear it, it can be a different look! You can even change it up multiple times during the same day!


Scarves also don’t have to just been worn traditionally as scarves. Smaller scarves can be refashioned as headbands and neckties, while larger scarves can work as shawls. Skinny scarves can act like a bolero tie or even a belt, and satin scarves make for absolutely glamorous head scarves!

8 Styling Tips To Add To Your Everyday Outfit

Embrace Your Shape And Size

Body positivity is as much for your body in clothes as it is out of them. There’s no one general rule or style that works for everyone all the time, so finding the perfect fit is an essential everyday styling tip. Figure what kind of body shape and type you have, and dress accordingly.


Also remember that sizes and styles are not the same across all brands despite what people may believe, so it’s important to try things on just to be sure. It can also be helpful to know your measurements and write them down somewhere, especially when online shopping, so you can get a more accurate idea of what size is best.

Get A Bold Coat

For those of you in colder climates, wearing a bold coat is a good styling tip for hose long winter days. Coats in general are a great way to elevate a look, particularly in chilly weather. Because of their size, coats make great statements pieces and can even be an entire look themselves. A great coat worn with simple basics, like even just a white t-shirt and jeans, can still be a super stylish look!

Also, sometimes a coat is all people will ever even see. If the weather is cold outside and you’re all buttoned up to stay warm, your coat is the only part of your outfit people will get to see. It doesn’t matter what your wearing underneath, stylish or not. So be sure to choose a quality coat that will make you stand out and let people see your style, even in the snow.

8 Styling Tips To Add To Your Everyday Outfit

Mix Your Prints

People usually think that mixing prints is a big no-no in the fashion world, but that’s not always true. It undeniably difficult to do, but when done successfully, mixed prints make for a knockout look.

The key to mixing prints is to look for something that matches, something that ties the two prints together. One of the easiest methods is to match colors. The shared color will tie the two prints together and make the outfit look unified. Neutral colors are also great when mixing prints because they can go with pretty much anything. Remember, leopard print is neutral!

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8 Styling Tips To Add To Your Everyday Outfit

Add A Pop Of Color

If there was ever one styling tip that everyone needs, it would be to add a pop of color to their outfit. Most people are afraid of color, opting for clothes in neutral or subdued tones and colors they know they look good in. Black and white, for example, are still super stylish and striking, but adding color is just a bit more fun!

If you’re afraid of adding color, then don’t worry, because even a small detail will make your everyday look pop out. In fact it’s better to live by the “less is more mentality” and minimize the number of colors to maximize their impact. Start small with accessories and jewelry before moving on to larger pieces. Shoes are also a great way to add a pop of color!

8 Styling Tips To Add To Your Everyday Outfit

Refashion Things

Refashioning and repurposing your clothes and accessories is a fun and creative styling tip you can do with the things already in your closet! Not only is it creative, but it creates fun twists through unexpected and unconventional uses. Rules are meant to be broken, especially in fashion.

Accessories are great for this, like wearing a scarf or tie as a belt, for example. Just look at early 2000s fashion and you’ll see it’s filled with quirky ways of re-wearing things outside their intended purpose, for better or worse.

Try experimenting with these styling tips (you can even combine them if you like), and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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