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Styles your Favorite Celebrities Are Rocking

Styles your Favorite Celebrities Are Rocking

Some celebrities have many stylists, others get dressed up for covers, and others are just born with a natural sense of fashion. Several celebrities we have all heard of before whether they be musicians, actors, or reality television queens still have the fashion looks you could copy and incorporate into your wardrobe. 

 1. The Young Billionaire

We have all heard the name Kylie Jenner at least a hundred times a week but something we do not hear about is her style. The young mogul has embraced a look so disgushiable to the 2000s that she could have possibly been born in the wrong era. By keeping up with Ms. Jenner on instagram, it seems she may  have fallen in love with the fashion pieces that once were displayed on the runway by Chanel from before 2010. Now, who doesn’t dream about having a Chanel Aesthetic? But do not let the price stop you from embracing a style you love and could copy but that also means you do not need to splurge on Chanel because alternatives exist. From her hair to her Chanel Minaudiere Clear Limited Edition 04 Runway Transparent Acrylic Clutch that has a retail value of nearly $15,000 you automatically are back in the most influential fashion era to have ever existed and by looking for similar items you too could look just as glamorous as the young mogul herself.

Kylie Jenner 2000s look


2. Sister Sister

Being the 2nd to oldest biggest sister comes with a lot of pressure, especially when you are the reason your family is one of the most influential sought after women in the world. Kim Kardashian West, who has solely carried her family into the riches and fame with a little bit of help from her momager Kris Jenner,  they have adapted into their fashionable luxurious lifestyles. Mrs. Kardashian West has a very clean mature classy sense of fashion and manages to shock the world every time she is seen in public and that is not just because her waist is hourglass small but because she drips in couture when she steps out for a fashion show or Met Gala but also has many casual moments to promote her husbands brand Yeezy as well as her own Skims. During the season 19th season we got to see her squeeze into an all latex suit that was seen on the runway at a Balmain show with her older sister, Kourtney. Fashion might not always be easy to get into or pull off  the beauty of the art.Kim and Kourtney

3. The Woman Of The Year

This female Bronx rapper was not named Women of the year of 2020 for no reason; from her music to her fashion is a killer. Becalis Almanzar also known as Cardi B has had a huge come up from her old days on Love And Hip Hop to attending the Met Gala back in 2019 styled by Jeremy Scott the creative director of Moschino has not only been recognized for her talents but as well has become a business woman partnering with Fashion Nova an online retail company. For Ms. Carbi B and many others, growing up in the Bronx is no joke but having a love for fashion is something she wanted to be able to share to those around the world who can not afford to drop thousands of dollars on a one time piece. Being able to work with Fashion Nova she has created her own line that lets her express herself while offering the chance to wear the outfit as her.

Cardi B Fashion Nova

4. Mr.Styles 


Not only does his name give you the impression he must have a unique sense of style but was also a part of the boy band One Direction that blew up globally but today is a solo singer and advocate for human rights. During his time growing up in the limelight, Harry Styles never really explored the realm of high fashion until later on shortly before departing One Direction and going solo. From there he has been the face of Gucci and has adapted to a much more older fashion style focusing on the 1960s. Mr. Styles has incorporated the 60s fashion statements into his work and a much more vintage look with the help of the Gucci Couture house who has worked closely with Harry Styles. Not only have they decided to provide with the style but as well as take a different route and change their ready- to- wear for everyone who wishes to take a chance and try some vintage 60s looks.

Harry Styles Gucci

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5. Timothee Chalamet

Mr. Chalamet who was an oscar nominee at age 20 for best actor in Call Me By Your Name has a very keen sense when it comes down to fashion that captures the young crowds attention. As time has progressed so has style that the young crowd can not get enough of. From staring on the big screen to walking casually on the streets of New York City people are able to distinguish who he is just by taking a look at what he’s weaning and by seeing his hair that makes everyone fall head over heels for. For DAZED Magazine, he takes on a very dark sexy role which involves lots of black and leather with a bad boy look that is just worth looking at. As they say “the clothes are not wearing him but he is wearing the clothes” this saying could not be any more true with this look that he embarks on for the shoot of DAZED Magazine where he goes further into discussion about his life and what plans he has for future movies.

Timothee Chalamet for Dazed

Thanks to some of our celebrities we have been able to see where and what is in style giving us the chance to enjoy and hop on the trend but not only do we have them to thank but as well as those who first began the trends that influence todays looks. Make sure to like and share this post thank you!