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10 Styles To Shop For This Spring

10 Styles To Shop For This Spring

For women, styles to shop for is a difficult task. This is based on finding out what outfit styles are in fashion and which ones are not. Fashion has evolved: fashion trends change every season of the year. For instance, this winter’s trend has been composed of moto-jackets and boots, which was followed by cape jackets, long coats, over-sized clothes, animal prints, plaid, and tulle skirts and dresses. Unlike the Winter 2019 collection, the Spring 2020 collection is composed of 10 styles in all, these are the 10 styles to shop for this spring.

1. Feathery Fun Festivities

One of the best styles to shop for this spring is a feather coat or feather-trim shirts. When it comes to evening-wear, sometimes black dresses just will not cut it in the fashion-field. Bring on the feathery coats and tops from New York & Company and Shein. Although this added ensemble looks light and airy, it will pack a heavy punch for the Spring 2020 collection.

Bring on the feathery coats and tops from New York & Company and Shein.


2. Bra Tops A La Mode!

Another one of the best styles to shop for this spring are bra tops, which are basically a stylish bikini. Bra tops are becoming the next crop top. These tops now come in all forms of texture and style, from a crochet top to a daring sheer style.  All you have to do with this bikini top is just add a high-waist skirt or pants and you will have the best spring outfit and you will also have the perfect summer look. You could also make this top more feminine by styling it with a tiered skirt.

3. Crochet All You May!

Crochet is becoming a cool update for spring attire this year from shirts, dresses, and evening-wear that feels modern with a touch of vintage charm as designers produce a delicate crochet midi dress with a matching cardigan for the Spring 2020 runway selection. As the fashion industry looks for sustainable trends, there is something about this trend that embraces the slow, handmade technique that was once passed down from generation-to-generation.

4. Try not to inVest A lot

The vest is becoming one of the best styles to shop for this spring. This mid-century look will look good in casual-wear or business attire, whether it is included as a part of a three-pieced suit or it’s included with a mismatched jacket. There is just something about vests that is so appealing and flattering to designers on the Spring 2020 runway. 


5. Time for Polka Dot Mania

Polka dots are becoming a trend with no signs of stopping. Designers are digging their feet into the ground whenever it comes to these elusive dots. These polka dots have made it to the runway as a maxi-skirt and simple tank top pairing to a fresher outlook by opting to an enlarged polka dot see-through dress with hot pants and a bra top underneath to reintroduce polka dots in a different light. If you want to make this style diverge from the styles from the Spring 2020 runway, you should wear a black polka dot skirt with a neon top. 

Polka dots are becoming a trend with no signs of stopping.

6. Neon Coloring Book

Highlighter neon is becoming a fad for the Spring 2020 collection from blouses, dresses and accessories to shoes. These striking colors know how to make an entrance and they are some of the styles to shop for in shops like Charlotte Russe, H&M, and other stores. They may not be subtle colors like light yellow or saffron, but they pair well with neutral colors like black, white, and brown. For instance, a neon colored blouse would look good with a brown, black, or a white tiered skirt. 


7. Always in Tiers

This spring, tiered skirts and dresses are in style. The tiers in the dresses and skirts offer a level of volume for the Spring 2020 wardrobe. This is another style to shop for at your local New York & Company or Nasty Gal.These skirts and dresses were inspired by last season’s tulle selection. Unlike the sea of flowing tulle in gala gowns, these tiered dresses and skirts offer maximum twirl ability and are surprisingly versatile for spring.  You could dress it up even more by adding the right blouse and shoes, or you could even make these dresses and skirts a little more casual with a bra top and sandals.

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8. Dressy Business Styles in Bermuda

If Daisy Dukes (hot pants or booty shorts) are a little risque for you, bermuda shorts are here to rescue you from your insecurities. Put a twist on the classic work-suit by adding a matching pair of bermuda shorts to your blazer, or you could even mismatch the blazer with the bermuda shorts. Designers like Givenchy have embraced the bermuda short-suit for the Spring 2020 runway. Just like designers have embraced bermuda shorts, they have also embraced Daisy Dukes which are also known as hot pants. 


9. Who Likes Short-Shorts? We Like Short-Shorts

Daisy Dukes also known as hot pants or booty shorts have staged a triumphant return on the Spring 2020 runway with designers reintroducing the Daisy Dukes with their own personal touches from knit shorts to denim cut-offs and spandex. You can also balance these hot pants with a long sleeve shirt or a leather jacket.

10. Springy Leather

Leather has once been reserved for fall and winter collections, but it is ready to have its moment in the spring collection. The moto-jacket has been spotted on the Spring 2020 runway in every form from jackets to skirts and pants. You can wear brown or black leather jackets to accent the vibrant spring colors, or you could get a bright color outerwear this year to celebrate the first days of spring.

Leather has once been reserved for fall and winter collections, but it is ready to have its moment in the spring collection.


Spring 2020 styles to shop for this spring is going to be so much easier to prep for than last season due to their being less styles. This spring, women will never have a hard time finding out what outfits are in fashion again. Fashion trends change, so be a step ahead of them in the future.