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6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

Listen, everyone goes through a breakup at some point in their lives, even if it was in 5th grade and all you did was hold hands. But no matter what, there always has to be this sucky feeling in your stomach that something isn’t right, and that gets even worse when you get older. Plus, your confidence can sometimes be way low, which is not where you want to be! Because you’re a rockstar of a woman, and you deserve to feel that way.

And you know what the best way to gain that confidence back? Retail therapy, baby. Nothing does it better than going shopping with your friends after you’ve eaten all your ice cream, so we’ve decided to help in this process with six styles that will help you rock your post-breakup phase.

1. The High Boot

Also known as the “DTF boots” or “thotty boots”, our recommendation is to turn these boots into more of a “screw you” type boot instead and rock them post-breakup. Hear us out: nothing feels better, as a woman than hearing own heels clacking on the floor, and, similarly, nothing feels better than looking super hot. Put those two together and you get high boots, which also make anyone look super badass. We suggest going with either black, like below, or a colorful pair for a bit of a pop!

6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

2. Flaming Red

Red is the ultimate statement color, and by statement, we mean the “don’t screw with me” statement, which is honestly the best one to have post-breakup. You want everyone to know that you’re bright and badass enough to get back on your feet a look like a total knockout, especially your ex. Which is why wearing even a bit of red, or even monochrome like the outfit below, is the best way to emphasize that. This can be done with literally any type of outfit, casual or formal, but we really love the limbo of the two in the picture below!

6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

3. A Suit

Every woman should own a suit, and we will stand by that statement forever. Suits make you feel as badass as dresses do, but are usually way more comfortable and look super freakin’ badass, which is exactly how you want to feel when you go out after a breakup. Mix a full suit with a crop top, like the outfit below, or even go with a fitted tank for a little more coverage when it’s cold. Plus, suits look awesome with pumps, enough said!

6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

4. Crop Top Galore

Showing your skin is a great way to bring more confidence back into your life, and crop tops do that without being too over the top. Plus, they will mix with literally any type of outfit (depending on the type of crop top, obviously) and are usually pretty cheap, so you can buy a few and get that retail therapy out of you. Plus, looking absolutely fine in a crop top will definitely let your ex know he made a mistake!

6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

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5. Statement Dress

As we said before, statements are everything when you need more confidence, and statement dresses, no matter the type, are the best for that. Especially when you wear a style that you never usually wore because that gives you a sense of revival that you really need when trying to get over someone. Building a little bit of a better you is a step in the right direction, and nothing helps that more than a statement dress that you can rock anywhere you want!

6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

6. Leather

Leather is the ultimate badass accessory, no matter what form it comes in: jacket, leggings, purse, dress… none of it will disappoint, which is what you need after a breakup. Something reliable and awesome, which, in our opinion, equals a leather jacket. You can mix it with literally any outfit (even formal dresses) and have it look cool as hell, and it also amps up your confidence and badass walk by 100 percent. Trust us.

6 Styles to Help Rock Post Breakup

What do you think of these styles? Would they help you post-breakup? Let us know in the comments below!

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