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Styles Of Jumpsuits To Rock This Summer

Jumpsuits are something that I’ve been raving about for quite a while, especially as someone who doesn’t wear a whole lot of dresses and does really dumb things when drinking (that involve a full range of movement).

They’re easy to wear, comfortable, and can go either formal or casual depending on what shoes and accessories you pair with them. Which is super helpful when you don’t want to change from your day to night exploits, or only have time for a quick shoe and jewellery swap before you go out with your friends to a bar.

Anyway, before I go in too deep into my jumpsuit rant (yes, trust me, that is a thing, ask my friends), here’s some styles of jumpsuits to rock this summer, and how to style them to your advantage, and to match any occasion.


Because of the look of the leg and the cinching at the waist, wide-leg jumpsuits are perfect for casual and formal occasions because you can pair them with practically anything. Add a jean jacket to the outfit? Immediately makes it casual. Wear it with a blazer? Immediately formal. You see where we’re going with this? Plus, the wide legs give you a bit of wiggle room during the day, which is definitely needed when it’s super hot.

Get this look:


Utility jumpsuits are super cute if you pair them with other things properly, because sometimes you can just look like a janitor, and we don’t think that’s the look you want to go for. So, we suggest pairing this type of style with some blocky heels or wedges for formal occasions, with some statement earrings or a necklace to pop it out. Or, go casual and pair it with a jean jacket and some patterned or bright sneakers, like Van’s classic line (the yellow pair are my ultimates).

Get this look:

Smock Jumpsuit

This style is super comfortable and really stylish if you style it properly, especially because it’s super boho (which is a huge thing right now). Plus, this style is super comfortable because of it’s slightly baggy nature, which is really nice when it’s hot out. We suggest pairing it with some cork wedges, or some bright flats to give a pop of colour, as well as a belt (as seen below) that can either match or add a pop of colour, like a mustard yellow.

Get this look:

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Cut-out jumpsuits are the most popular type of jumpsuit for formal wear, and there’s definitely a reason for that. But you can totally wear this style casually, given the right outfit. Pair this style with some patterned sneakers or flats or some cute, slightly platform heels, and a jean jacket to throw on top if you get cold (yes, I know I suggest that everytime). Or, do go formal and wear this style with some cute wedges or stilettos, depending on your audience.

Get this look:

Halter top

Halter top jumpsuits are another really popular style, and they’re really easy to pair with basically anything, especially when the texture of the jumpsuit is more on the casual side (meaning no satin, silk, etc.) and if you get a jumpsuit with buttons down the front, it gives you a little more leeway into the casual type of outfit. We do suggest avoiding necklaces with this style, and trying some statement earrings out to give your face a little bit of a pop. Just for good measure.

Get this look:

What do you think about these jumpsuits? Would you wear any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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Georgia Longphee

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