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Style Tips to Look Cute on Rainy Days

The rainy season is approaching, in fact, it may have already arrived to your city or town. Set aside those tank tops and shorts, and make room for sweaters, flannels, cardigans and boots. This kind of weather brings feelings of laziness, but that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit style! Instead, pack on the layers and follow these 6 style tips to brave the gloom and look cute on those dreary rainy days.

1. Sweaters are essential

Sweaters are a must in your closet when temperatures drop and those bitter droplets of water begin to fall. It not only gives you heat and comfort, but with a bold color, you can add a little brightness to the otherwise bleak day.

2. Don’t be afraid to show some leg

To add an extra dose of cuteness try pairing a skirt with your sweater. You can even tuck it into the skirt. Pick a skirt with a silhouette that’s flattering to your legs. Style this with accessories like a cute purse and a fashionable umbrella. If you’re afraid that mud will splash on your legs, a great style tips is to throw on a pair of dark colored tights and no one will notice!

3. Hoodies and sweatshirts can be cute, too!

Even though most people consider sweatshirts to be lounge wear, meant to wear at home, you can easily style a hoodie or a sweatshirt to look cute on rainy days. Hoodies are particularly great for rainy days because they can help protect your hair! Try a sweatshirt with a trendy saying, or mix it up with a pair of printed leggings. Add accessories like a statement necklace for added cuteness.

4. Cardigans are perfect for layering

Cardigans are a huge trend right now. Depending on the thickness, you can use this piece any time of the year. Mix your cardigan with jeans and ankle boots, a great look for dull, rainy days.

5. Always bring a jacket!

Leather jackets, especially, will keep you comfortable in the rain. Not only will they protect your outfit underneath from the rain, but they are usually water-resistant, so you will stay dry and beautiful all day long! Leather jackets look great with just about anything, but on rainy days try pairing them with jeans, a pencil or a short skirt or with dresses. This is a rainy day must-have.

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6. Pull it all together with the perfect pair of boots

Rain boots, ankle boots and even knee boots are super stylish for the season and double as a guard from the rain. No matter what outfit you go with, your rainy day won’t be complete without a solid pair of boots. Be sure to wear your favorite fall accessories like a scarf and a purse.


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