20 Style Tips For Tall Girls

I’ve always had to embrace my height, from an early age I have always been taller than the vast majority of my classmates. Being 5’11 shopping for clothes is no easy task, so that’s why I’ve created this list of 20 style tips that I have found useful over the years. So whether you’re tall or have a friend who is, keep reading for great style tips for tall girls!

1. Wear skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans are your best friend, they not only elongate your torso, they are the perfect fit for your long legs.

2. Invest in maxi dresses & skirts.

Maxi Dresses and skirts have always been perfect for tall people. If they are truly maxi dresses meaning that they are long enough and don’t stop at your ankles, this is a great outfit option for taller girls.


3. Rock a pair of over-the-knee boots.

These are a great addition to any Fall or Winter skinny jeans outfit and a perfect way to show off those legs.

4. Wear vibrant colors to stand out.

Why not try something new. Instead of sticking to the same old traditional colors such as black, white and grey, try some more vibrant colors to stand out a bit.

5. Flash bold accessories.

Think of your height as a gift and not a curse. Be bold with the accessories that you are wearing or carrying. Try and add a fun new statement necklace to jazz up your traditional outfits.


6. Try on your clothes before you buy them!

Cardinal rule number two, always try on your clothes before you leave the store. This is best way to avoid being heart broken over those cute new pair of jeans that unfortunately are too short.

7. Find brands that cater to tall women.

Instead of searching all around for clothes that may or may not fit, why not look for brands that specifically cater to women 5’10 and above. Some sites such as LongTallSally, OldNavy and ASOS, have a great selection of clothing options that are sure to be the perfect length for you.

8. Learn your proportions.

Learning your proportions is a great way to find styles that will always look flattering on you. There are various outfit options that slightly change based off of the length of your torso.


9. High waisted (anything) looks great on you.

High waisted jeans look great on those who are tall. I don’t know about you but a good pair of high waisted jeans are essential in my closet that can be worn with many different types of blouses.

10. Find 3/4 length-long sleeves.

If your like me and have extremely long arms finding long sleeve tops can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why finding tops that are ¾ length are great because you will never have to worry about constantly pulling down your sleeves to make sure your wrists are showing.

11. High light your waist when wearing loose-fitting clothing.

One great fashion tip for tall girls like myself, is highlighting your waist when you are wearing something a little looser fitting. This simple trick will give the illusion of the perfect hour glass figure.


12. Step up your shoe game!

I’ve been told that one of the first things that people notice when you’re tall like I am is your shoes, so why not step up your shoe game by trying out fun new styles.

13. Get creative with your hair.

Tall women have so much freedom with what they can do with their hair, which will pair great with whatever they may be wearing. A sleek, chic pixie cut to flowing, tousled beach waves will add a bit of glam to every outfit.

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14. Don’t shy away from prints.

Many think that because your tall, that means you should shy away from prints. That myth is quite the opposite. Be daring.

15. Be careful with online shopping.

Cardinal rule number three, beware of online shopping. Things online may not fit the exact way they do on the model that is wearing the particular piece of clothing. To avoid this hassle be sure to check the measurements of the clothing that you are purchasing.

16. Avoid baggy outfits.

Baggy clothes on tall people are not always very flattering, that’s why straying away from these styles is a great tip that I have learned over the years. Dresses that are form fitting and hug your curves are great for women that are tall.


17. Don’t dry your clothes!

This is cardinal rule number one. Never dry any of the clothes you actually want to continue wearing. Drying your clothes is a major no-no because it not only ruins the material but it shrinks the clothes as well. And, since we are already tall we don’t need extra inches of fabric disappearing.

18. Love your tailor.

Since we are tall, clothes won’t always fit to our liking that’s why finding a great tailor will be a lifesaver. With a tailor you are able to take in and have your clothes fit the exact way you imagine them to when you initially try them on.

19. Embrace your height.

This is by far the most important rule about being tall-to simply embrace it. Since you can’t change how tall you are, you should get used to being comfortable with who you are and rock it!


20. Rock those heels!

Because we are tall, everyone always asks, “Why do you need heels?” well it’s for the same reason everyone else likes to wear them. They are great confidence boosters and they add a touch of glam to every outfit. So don’t follow that age old advice, rock those heels!

What are some other style tips for tall girls? Comment below and share this article with friends!

Featured image source: fashiontimes.com, auditions.com