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10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5'4

Whether you’re petite, or tall, chances are you’ve been told a few style “rules” throughout your life. No flats, no wide leg pants, no maxi dresses. Truth is, in the world of fashion there are no rules, or regulations. But if you’re a petite lady looking to elongate your body, there are some tricks you can use. Here are 10 style tips for the girl under 5’4.

1. High Waisted

Thank the universe everyday that this trend came back into fashion. High waisted bottoms are a great way to cinch in your waist, and elongate your legs. Whether it’s jeans, skirts, shorts, or even bikini bottoms. This style is great for girls with a shorter torso, or shorter legs. The 90s  low rise jeans weren’t doing anyone any favors anyway.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

2. Flared Jeans

Forget everything you know about style tips for short girls. Girls under 5’4 are constantly told to avoid flared legs, but why? Embrace your inner Stevie Nicks, and try on some high waisted bell bottoms. Paired with the right heels they can look great on short girls.The flared legs will actually hide your heels, creating an illusion that you’re actually taller

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

3. Cinched Waist

If you have shorter legs, a great style tip is to cinch in your waist. In fact this style looks good on pretty much every body type. It’s also allows you to experiment with different belts trends. Pulling in your waist will not only make your legs appear longer, but it’ll also give you an hourglass figure.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

4. Pointed Shoes

If heels aren’t really your thing, then try some shoes with a pointed toe. The point will actually draw people’s eyes downward, making your legs appear longer. You can try pointed booties, loafers, or flats depending on your style.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

5. Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes can create the illusion of longer lines. They’ll make your legs look longer, and your body look thinner. The closer the stripes are, the more flattering. This may sound like a bold look, but  stripped jumpsuits are a subtle way to incorporate this trend.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

6. Short Dresses

If you’re comfortable in a shorter pieces then this is a great style tip for making your legs appear longer. Shorter girls have the advantage of being able to wear a shorter hem. You can pair shorter dresses, or skirts with tights for some added comfort. Just make sure your tights are the same color as your shoes to keep the elongated appearance.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

7. Tailor your Pieces

If you’re a petite girl then the most valuable style tip is to find a good tailor. Sometimes it’s not necessary to buy new pieces, you can work with what you’ve got. Tailoring coats, blazers, and dresses really make all the difference especially if you have a smaller frame. If you’re on a budget then learn to do simple hemming yourself.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

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8. Cropped Jeans

If you’re short, then you’ve probably been advised against wearing cropped jeans. But with the right heel they’re  super flattering. If you’re under 5’4 chances are you have a pair of jeans in your closet that are way too long. You can create some DIY cropped jeans by cutting an old pair right above the ankle -the raw hem look has been a huge trend.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

9. Deep Vs

Wearing a top with a deeper V will elongate your neck, and torso. If showing off your chest makes you a little uncomfortable, then try an off the shoulder top for a similar look.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

10. Ankle Boots

Knee high boots can make your legs look shorter than they actually are. Ankle boots with a small heel will help create a better proportion, and give you some extra height.

10 Style Tips For The Girl Under 5’4

When you’re under 5’4, dressing is all about finding the right proportions. Creating long lines within your outfits will always make you appear a little taller. Different styles will elongate your legs, and flatter your figure. With these style tips in mind remember that wearing something that makes you comfortable, and confident is more important than any fashion rules. Skirt the rules, and wear whatever makes you feel good.

Have you tried any of these styles? Comment your favorite style tips down below!

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