How to Style a Lob (Long Bob)

I recently cut six inches off my hair; I went from having long hair to rocking a lob, which is a bigger change than you might think. The drastic cut forced me to research different ways to style the shorter do. But I love it, have no regrets, and I’ve figured out a few incredibly cute ways to style a lob that makes me love the cut even more!

1. Straight

I suggest that if you do not have naturally straight hair, that you start with wet hair, and blow dry it straight. It works a lot nicer for getting the ends of your lob to turn in, not out. When your hair is mostly dry take a brush to it with the blow dryer. Hold the brush on the inside near your neck, and the blow dryer on the outside in order for it to curl inward at the ends. If you have bangs, use the same technique. After blow drying you can also use a straightener to tame any fly-aways or uncooperative pieces.

2. Curly

Personally I use a wand to style a lob with waves, but a curling iron would work fine. Just take small sections of hair and wrap them around the wand or the closed barrel of a curling iron. The key is to leave out the ends of your hair, so they remain straight – creating a more beachy curl. Switch up curling away from your face and towards your face – it looks much more natural! If you have longer bangs you can curl them to blend into the rest of the curls, or you can leave them straight to stand out. After curling your lob, wait a few minutes for the curls to cool and add a nice layer of hair spray. Run your fingers through the curls so they don’t look too perfect or bouncy and give your head a nice shake.


3. Half Up, Half Down

This is my go-to hair style for class, because it is so easy. To style a lob half up, half down, simply brush all of your hair back, and grab all of the hair about two inches above your ears. Pull it into a bun or a pony; you can do a top bun or a low messy one; I prefer low. If you have extra time you can style the hair that is left down with a straightener or curling wand. and

4. Pinned Back

Since I have bangs I often want them out of my face, so I pin the front parts of my hair back. On both sides of my part I grab small sections and using bobby pins, I pin the shorter pieces off to the side.

5. Braids

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t have braids. A standard french braid will still work – you might just need a little extra hair spray to hold it together! Or you could show off your short locks and leave the bottom portion down, only braiding the top layer. Create a braid on each side of your part and pin together at the center of the back of your head.

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6. Lazy Waves

I admit, it does take a little extra effort to style a lob, unless you know the secret of creating waves in your sleep! That’s right…if I’m feeling extra lazy, I’ll get my friends to braid my hair at night, then sleep on it, and wake up with amazing waves. It is best to braid your lob when your hair is wet, but make sure it is dry before you take the braids out the next morning. Run your fingers through it; never brush it!!! Your waves will be transformed into the perfect undone curl – that coveted slept in hair!

7. Fancy Bun

The best part about this style is that it only looks fancy…it’s actually pretty easy to recreate! Gather two sections of the hair framing your face (one on each side of your part) and clip them aside. Take the rest of the hair at the back of your head and gather into a ponytail. Braid and tuck the end under back into the ponytail. Now take those two sections of hair you set aside and twist them toward the back of your head, crossing over each other and wrapping around the braid. Secure with bobby pins and voila!

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