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Style Guide: Hailey Bieber Edition

The street is always a runway for Hailey Beiber; her signature sleek back bun and cat-eye sunglasses make all of her outfits trendy and chic. It may be difficult to keep up with Hailey’s incredible fashion choices, which is why we prepared a style guide for you to go to when you’re in need of some inspiration!

1. Chic Blazers

Blazers are the first step in any Hailey Bieber style guide. Want to make a statement? Do that simply by throwing on a blazer that is easy to dress up or down. For a model-off-duty style, Hailey wears it with shorts and ankle boots, or with pants and a trendy bodysuit to look put-together and fashionable.

2. Monochrome Fits

A monochrome ensemble makes an immediate statement, and Hailey demonstrates that matching your colors can be done in a variety of ways. This style guide demonstrates how you can go for an all-white monochromatic look with a flash of color in your shoes or accessories, or put together an outfit using numerous shades of the same color.

3. Stylish Trench Coats

If you want to look effortlessly chic and professional, follow Hailey’s lead by throwing on an elegant trench coat. These long coats will offer a fashionable twist to any outfit, whether you choose classic beige or sophisticated leather.

4. Leather, Leather, Leather

Hailey’s style is always on point, especially when she incorporates a grungy leather touch to her fit. Whether you create an off-the-runway or on-the-runway style, you’ll always look great with a leathery touch. Hailey can go from a casual fit by combining stylish leather trousers with a simple body suit and accessories to appearing like she just stepped out of an important meeting with an oversized leather blazer and a mini dress.

5. Chunky Gold Jewelry

When making a Hailey Bieber style guide it is important to include a must-have outfit essential: chunky gold jewelry. Opting for a pair of thick hoops or layering your chain necklaces is a perfect way to create the same effortlessly glam look that Hailey loves to pull off. The best part? Gold jewelry, which is easy to find at affordable pricing, is the simplest way to spruce up your outfits effortlessly!

6. Comfy But Cute

Another essential ingredient in this style guide is finding ways to look effortlessly adorable. Hailey accomplishes this by combining her outfits in such a way that ensures she is comfy and looking hella cute at the same time. Biker shorts are the ultimate in easy-to-wear outfit staples; make it monochromatic like Hailey to add an extra trendy touch. Or make your sweatpants cute by matching them with your top and pairing that with stylish accessories.

7. Oversized Yet Trendy

Another effortless way to look on point? Anything oversized with the right accessories and a sleek updo is a winner. Hailey favors pairing a large button-up with jean shorts and cute sneakers for a look that is both easy and fashionable. It can even be as easy as pairing an oversized hoodie with heeled boots and sunglasses to make anyone look chic.

8. Cool Sunglasses

What is something Hailey can not leave out of an outfit? We figured it out: sunglasses. Her signature cat-eye sunglasses are an essential accessory you will all want to add to your collection to spice up absolutely any fit. Anytime she is not wearing those (which is rare) she may go for a pair of rectangle specs to add the final stylish touch to her ensemble.

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9. A Girly Twist

Although Hailey is known for her sleek and easy street style, we occasionally see her wearing clothing with a frilly twist that is just as stunning. Her flirtatious side is displayed in a flowery dress teamed with white sneakers, which are both comfy and quick to put together. We also get a glimpse of Hailey’s girly side when she wears a silky pink mini dress and a high pony, proving once again that she can rock any look.

10. Bold in Black on Black

Keeping her girly side at bay, Hailey illustrates that an all-black ensemble can never go wrong. Hailey now has a look that is hip and trendy while only utilizing one color: black! You might go for a casual punk appearance by wearing your favorite black hoodie with a leather jacket, or you can look like a fashionable girl boss by wearing a sleek black dress and blazer.

11. Hats, Hats, Hats!

Here is another quick and easy way to Hailey-Bieber-Up your outfits: hats! They not only offer a wonderfully cute finishing touch to any fit, but they may also conceal a bad hair day! Bucket hats are still in style, as Hailey illustrates, especially when paired with a super cool outfit. Even a simple baseball cap can instantly make a boring outfit appear ten times better; flaunt off your favorite sports teams or leave it basic, either way, you’ll look just as cute as Hailey.

12. Strappy Sandals For Summer

Now that summer is here, we might as well follow Hailey’s lead when it comes to footwear. Strappy sandals are the trend this year; they’re not only adorable, but they’re also a cool and distinct take on traditional summer footwear, which is why we’re including them in this style guide. Hailey wears them in a variety of ways, including with her big neon blazer or a pair of casual jeans.

Now that you know where to get started, we hope this style guide has made it that much easier for you to create a Hailey Bieber-inspired outfit that has you feeling confident and chic just like her.

Olivia Plotkin

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