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Stunning Prom Makeup Looks To Copy This Year

Stunning Prom Makeup Looks To Copy This Year

Prom makeup looks are so important when it comes to planning your ~lewk.~ You have a lot of choices to make but hopefully, our makeup choices will help narrow that list down. Makeup is meant to be fun so no matter what look you choose, just remember to have fun with it. Whether you’re looking to simply enhance your natural beauty, rock a bold look or just feel fancy, there is a makeup look you can copy that will make you feel beautiful!

Natural Neutrals Prom Makeup Look

When it comes to everyday makeup, you truly can never go wrong with enhancing your natural beauty using neutral tones. Prom makeup is no different! No matter the color or style of your dress, browns and other warm tones will look amazing no matter what! Keep it true neutral with browns with a matte finish or dress it up with some shimmery shades. Add liner and lashes and you’re sure to be a knockout! Neutral shadows look great when paired with a bolder lip or you can keep the entire look soft with a pink or nude shade of lipstick.

Stunning Makeup Looks To Copy For Prom This Year

Perfect Pinks

If you want to add some color to your neutral look, try shades of pink. Since most eyes and cheeks have a rosy undertone, pink will look pretty without stealing the spotlight letting your natural beauty shine through. Start with a light pink shadow for the base and then build out the look adding darker shades as you move towards the crease. Don’t be afraid to pair this with a pink lip for an all-over romantic and sweet look. Stick to rose and peach hues and don’t forget to add a light, shimmery pink to the center of the lid and at the corners of your eye to really make your eyes pop!

Stunning Makeup Looks To Copy For Prom This Year

Rock Red Lips

One of my personal favorite go-to’s no matter the occasion is a red lip. From homecoming to first dates to graduations, I have worn a red lipstick for a variety of occasions and it always looks great! The great thing about rocking a red lippie is that you can keep the rest of your look natural and let your lips be the star of the show or glam it up further with a smokey eye to compliment the dramatic lip. Just make sure to use a tried and true lipstick that has staying power so you don’t have to worry about smudging or reapplying throughout the night! I swear by Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and Maybelline’s SuperStay Matte Lipstick!

Stunning Makeup Looks To Copy For Prom This Year

Get Catty

If you’re looking for an elevated everyday look for prom, a classic cat-eye paired with a fun shadow or a fun lip is a perfect choice. If you are wearing a simple or solid color dress, keep your makeup simple with a cat-eye and go for a pop of color on your lips. Of course, you never can go wrong pairing a cat-eye with a red lip (see above!) Need help getting the perfect cat-eye? Youtube is always a lifesaver for tutorials and they even sell liner with a cat-eye stamp on one end so you don’t have to sweat about getting the perfect shape! If Taylor can rock it, so can you!

Stunning Makeup Looks To Copy For Prom This Year

All Natural Prom Makeup Look

If you are unsure about wearing a ton of makeup or just want to accentuate your natural beauty, don’t be afraid to stick to a “no makeup” makeup look. Whether you have a boho style usually or are just wearing a flowy, boho style dress, the natural makeup look is perfect to match that dress. Go for feathery brows, dewy blush and again, pink or neutral shadows paired with light lashes and a cute tinted lip balm or gloss. Pair with loose waves or curls that will look great as you twirl on the dance floor. Don’t worry about falsies or bold lip color. Let your natural beauty just shine through with little touches of makeup and don’t forget the perfect finish-a smile!

Stunning Makeup Looks To Copy For Prom This Year

Go Glittery

If you want to make a sparkly statement, go for a glittery eye. It’s prom, so it’s the perfect excuse to be a little extra with your look! Start with a good base of neutral or colors that compliment your dress then add on the sparkles. If you want to go for a more creative eye that goes beyond the classic glittery lid, try a glitter cut crease or glitter liner. Don’t forget that if you choose to use loose glitter to get a good glue so it stays all night AND make sure to do the glitter before the rest of your makeup so you don’t end up with glitter all over your face! With this look, you can be sure that the disco ball won’t be the only thing catching the light!

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Smoke It Out

Feeling vampy? Try a classic smoky shadow look. The best thing about smoky eyes is that you can make it as smoky and dramatic as you want! Neutral colors will make for a more subtle look or you can punch it up and use dark colors including black to smoke it out to the max. Keep the drama with a bold lip (red!) or let your eyes shine with a simple soft pink or nude lip. Don’t be afraid to make this a super dramatic look-it’s prom so it’s allowed!

Fun Colors

Finally, remember that makeup is FUN and your prom makeup should be no exception! Go bold and match your bright colored dress with bright shadows. Or, go in the opposite direction and pair your shadow with complementing or contrasting colors. Think of doing shades blue with a blue dress or shades green with your blue dress. Don’t be afraid to do what feels right and just have fun with it. If you’re not into colored shadows, you can always go for a fun lip (hello purple!) and you’ll have a look (and night) to remember! This is one of the best prom makeup looks!

Have you decided on your prom makeup looks yet? Tell us your vision prom makeup looks in the comments below! 

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