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25 Stunning Boho Room Ideas

Boho rooms are free-spirited, vibrant, light, and full of personality. Essentially, they are a collection of your favorite aesthetic things, placed in unconventional ways, creating a space where you feel truly happy and at peace.

If you’re looking to add to some charming decor to your home, here are some boho room ideas you need to try!

1. Plants, plants, and more plants

Potted plants, like tall leafy greens and ivies, are 100% necessary to achieve a Boho look. Not only do they add color and vibrancy to the room, but there are actually many other benefits to having plants in your bedroom.

Golden pothos, commonly known as devil’s ivy, needs very little care, making it the perfect low-maintenance plant. Also, consider getting the snake plant: it purifies the air, emits oxygen, and soaks up excess carbon monoxide.

2. Make sure your space is well lit

The best way to guarantee a well-lit space is to choose a room or home with a lot of windows: the more windows, the better. If your home or apartment doesn’t have many windows, make sure to properly utilize the natural light you do have. Also, consider getting a daylight lamp! Natural light is incredibly beneficial for your mental health and your sleep schedule.

3. A patterned rug

Adding a pop of color to your boho-chic room will brighten it up and balance it out. Choose a pattern you truly enjoy. Also, make sure at least one color in the rug compliments the colors of your room.

4. A sheer canopy over your bed

Hanging a sheer canopy over your bed instantly adds an ethereal, fairy-like atmosphere to your room. You can also hang other things on the canopy — like string lights or fake ivy.

5. Throw pillows galore

Fit as many pillows on your bed as you possibly can. Choose cute designs, patterns, and colors that put a smile on your face and make you feel like sinking into your covers and never emerging.

6. A bookshelf

Display a collection of your favorite books on a small or large bookshelf. Make it extra enchanting by adding a golden pothos, some creative bookends, and your CD and DVD collection. Your bookshelf doesn’t have to be tidy — it just has to be perfectly you.

7. A Papasan chair to curl up in

This cozy round chair is a charming addition to any bedroom. Not only does it look lovely placed in a corner or near a window, but it will make you immediately want to curl up in it and read a book.

8. An antique nightstand

It’s relatively easy to find affordable antique nightstands at local thrift shops. You can keep your bedside necessities in the drawers and place a Himalayan salt lamp, a potted plant, or a reading light on the top.

9. A Macramé hanging shelf

Place your favorite framed pictures, plants, or other decorative items on this Macramé hanging shelf. You can hang it anywhere in your room! Urban Outfitters sells one for only $16; check it out here!

10. A standing floor mirror

Lean your mirror casually against the wall is perfectly boho chic. Decorate your mirror with fairy lights and ivy for some extra pizzaz.

11. Fairy string lights

Little twinkling lights add a nice shimmering touch to any living space. Hang them from the ceiling, around the posts of your bed, or pin them to the wall. When the sun sets, your room will have a magical glow.

12. A record player

Set up a little record section in the corner of your room, complete with a record player, a collection of your favorite records, and a few stylish speakers.

13. A woven storage basket

Store your small personal belongings and knickknacks in a basket made from woven rope. You can also keep your folded throw blankets in the basket (when you are not using them, of course.) A woven basket definitely adds to the boho-chic vibe.

14. A world map

Another great boho decoration is an old-fashioned world map. Hang it on your wall and mark the places you want to visit as well as the places you have been. Then, when you are sprawled out on your bed and looking up at your wall, you will instantly feel a sense of peace as you think about all the places you will one day go.

15. A wire photo wall

A wire photo grid makes hanging your personal photos, postcards, and other pictures super easy. It’s also an aesthetically pleasing way to fill the white space on your wall.

16. Inspirational quotes

Choose quotes that instantly inspire and spark joy within you. Print them out and hang them up on the wall. You can have a mishmash of pictures and quotes or just one particularly inspiring quote that you place inside a picture frame.

17. Wooden crates

Wooden crates can be repurposed into pieces of furniture: use them as nightstands, bookshelves, storage containers, plant shelves, and more.

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18. A cozy seat by the window

Curling up on a bench by the window with a good book is the perfect rainy day activity. Make your window seat as cozy and cute as possible by adding multiple throw pillows and a blanket.

19. A throw blanket with tassels

I am starting to think tassels may be a boho room requirement: a surprisingly large amount of boho room images on Pinterest feature tasseled blankets. Besides, it never hurts to have an extra cozy blanket around.

20. A quirky lamp or light

If I didn’t use the word ‘quirky’ at least once, would this really be a boho room article? Make sure to choose a quirky lamp that fills you with joy.

21. The more textures, the better

Layer as many textures in your room as possible! Buy blankets and pillows with unique textures and patterns. Textures will give your room character and life, and that is essential for your comfort. When everything in your room is flat and plain, it can feel very stiff and constrained.

22. A wall tapestry

Wall tapestries make your room feel loose and free. Find a beautiful one that speaks to you. Check out some from Etsy here!

23. An instrument

Decorate your boho room with an instrument you love or want to learn how to play, like a guitar, violin, ukulele, or keyboard. (It’s an added bonus if the instrument is aesthetically pleasing.)

24. A Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps have a warm reddish glow that will illuminate your room in a comforting way. They are also said to have many benefits: they purify the air, calm allergies, enhance your mood, and sharpen concentration.

25. A hammock

And finally, hammocks add an element of fun and liveliness to your boho room. Stay on theme by placing a tasseled blanket and an assortment of throw pillows on top of your hammock.

How will you decorate your living space? Share your own boho room ideas in the comments below!

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