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15 Study Tactics That Every Student Needs To Know About

15 Study Tactics That Every Student Needs To Know About

study tactics, 15 Study Tactics That Every Student Needs To Know About

Being a great student is not an easy task. The most important part of being a great student is studying and studying well. A lot of folks find it hard to find their own personal style of studying. This article is a list of 15 study tactics and habits you should add to your routine in order to become a better student. 

1. List all important dates in chronological order 

If you are taking college classes, staying organized is a task in and of itself. To make things easier and a lot simpler, make a list of all your assignments in chronological order. The first thing that is due should be on top and the last thing should be on the bottom. This study tactic will help you determine what you need to prioritize and what you need to focus on more at that moment. Try and do this tip on a weekly basis, so every Sunday writes down everything that needs to be during that week with the dates included. 

2. Study and prep for important tests and assignments ASAP

A lot of people use a different rule of thumb when it comes to studying for a test. Some say one week, some say two weeks before, but realistically you should be studying as soon as you can. College is no joke, so the best way to be ahead of the game is it always be prepared. Professors generally upload study materials ahead of time, so the minute it becomes available to you take some control back by looking at it. Just looking and being aware of what you need to know for the test can really improve your chances of doing well. 

3. Review your notes every night 

Cramming is never a good idea. It is almost a guarantee that you will forget something that will be on the test. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to review your notes every night after class. Doing this will help you become more familiar with the material that will be on the test. 

4. Utilize a planner/ agenda 

Your planner/ agenda will be your best friend. Agenda are the best to write down all your assignments and things that you need to do to ensure that you are well prepared for everything that comes your way. Some even have great inspirational quotes on the inside to keep you motivated. 

15 Study Tactics That Every Student Needs To Know About

5. Use YouTube to make sure that you understand 

YouTube videos will be your second best friend when it comes to understanding everything. If you struggle with certain concepts but scared to ask your professor you can always search a few videos in order to make sure you understand. 

6. Take short breaks when you can 

Being productive feels good, but everybody deserves a good break every now and then. If you go hard on your studying and your brain feels like overworked that would be the perfect time to take a 15-minute break. You do not want to burn yourself out, because that could lead to you crashing and giving up altogether. 

7. Know your learning style 

Knowing your learning style can be very beneficial to study, especially with subjects surrounding Math and Science. There are seven basic learning styles that are known. The four main ones are: visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic. This also plays on the five senses of how they can be utilized to best help you absorb information. Visual learners benefit from using visual aids, like graphs, pictures, and images. Auditory learners work best with sounds, music, and obtain information best through listening. A verbal learner works best with spoken or written information to grasp certain concepts. And finally, kinesthetic learners understand by using their hands and other parts of their bodies. They mainly learn from doing and acting out. 

8. Use the internet as a resource 

The internet and search engines, like the infamous Google, are valuable resources you could use. As long as you get your information from a reliable website, you can never go wrong with using the internet. 

9. Make physical flashcards or make some on Quizlet 

Flashcards are really great for learning certain terminology. If you do not have any physical ones, instead of going out and buying some, you can always make your own on Quizlet. You can make your flashcards for your own personal use if you want, by making them private. 

15 Study Tactics That Every Student Needs To Know About

10. Put all your studying materials in one folder 

Putting all of your study stuff in one folder is a great organizing tip for those of you who have that multiple classes. It will help you keep up with all of your materials, and you will not have to go rummage through all your binders and your bookbag to find them. 

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11. Have your go-to study apps 

There are tons of apps that you can download on your devices that can help you study. If you are having a hard time determining what those are, you can always google and search for them on Pinterest to get a few ideas. If you need help with Math and seeing if your work is correct, a lot of students use PhotoMath to see the answer and HOW to get the correct answer. 

12.  Readout loud when you are studying 

If you have trouble with reading comprehension, reading out can help. If you get tired of that, there are also natural readers online, where you can copy and paste certain texts and the website will read it to you. If you do feel like searching, you can also use Google translate to get the text read out loud to you.  

13. Have a regular studying schedule 

To prevent yourself from cramming it is also a good idea to have regular study days, where you spend most of your day studying and making sure you understand what is going on in class. The best day for this would be Sundays it is usually the calmest day of the whole week. 

14. Make it fun: do with your friends, partner, etc. 

Studying can be fun and you make it into an event with your friends or your partner. You all can bring snacks and help each other study. This is also a great way to hold each other accountable if you know that you lack the discipline to study when you are supposed to. 

15. Go to the library when you can to make it feel more productive 

I know a lot of people tend to study from their bed, which is super comfy but not the best thing to do. Your bed is for sleep. Try to go out to the library to keep your bedroom or your bed as your calm sanctuary. Getting out can also help you find the motivation to be more productive because the library provides a productive and quiet environment

15 Study Tactics That Every Student Needs To Know About

What study tactics will you be adding to your routine? Do you have any personal study tactics that are not on our list? 

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