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5 Study Hacks To Ace Your Finals

5 Study Hacks To Ace Your Finals


Finals week can be a stressful time for students. It’s important to prepare ahead of time to get the best results and avoid stress. That is why we created a list of study hacks so you can get those A’s during finals week!

1. Create a detailed study guide in advance.

Search through your textbook, notes, and power points, to collect the most important information, especially anything the professor may have specifically mentioned. Having a study guide will keep everything organized in one place.

2. Attend study sessions!

Some teacher assistants offer study sessions throughout the semester. Many of them have taken the class and had the professor before, so they have a good idea about the format of the test. Attending the study session can help refresh your memory, and sometimes being taught by a different person can help you understand the material better.



3. Make flashcards and actually use them.

Making flashcards can help you prepare for the exam in several ways. First, you choose the most important information to put on flashcards. Second, writing things down can help you remember the material. Third, quizzing yourself is important so you have an idea of what you know and what you still need to work on. Also, flashcards don’t have to be just on paper now. With new technology, you can create flashcards on your phone with various applications, its one of the best study hacks. This way, your flashcards are at the palm of your hands.


4. Practice time management.

From final projects, to papers, to exams, you may feel overwhelmed. It’s important to practice your time management skills and prioritize tasks. Create a “to do list” and check things off once you’re done with it. Since there are so many things to do, you might forget something. That is why having a list can help you accomplish all of your tasks on time.


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5. Take breaks!

Make sure to give yourself small breaks when studying so you don’t become overwhelmed or overworked. Taking breaks are healthy and will refresh you for your next study session.

Finals week may seem like the most stressful time of the semester, but being properly prepared can help you stay organized and avoid last-minute studying. Remember that it’s also important to have a good night’s rest!

What other study tips do you use during finals week? Comment below and share the article!
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