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10 Study Hacks For Your Online Classes You Need To Try

Being apart of “Zoom” University this year, it can get a little hard to stay focused resulting in resorting to Netflix. We’ve outlined 10 study hacks that will keep you engaged, and ready to tackle that degree! 

1. Google Scholar

It’s natural to use Google to look up answers to your questions or to find more information on a topic you may be writing about. However, Google Scholar helps you find published academic articles on any topic that you may be looking for. It’s a great study hack because it filters out any untrustworthy websites that may have false information, saving you from receiving a bad grade! 

2. Blocking Distractions

I know how easy it is to roam off to Twitter, Pinterest or to check when your Amazon package may be arriving all while your lecture is going on. Then, you realize you just wasted 30 minutes surfing the Internet, not having a clue of what’s going to be on the exam.

There are some extensions you can download that will block websites that you have a habit of resorting to. You can always disable it once you’re finished with all your work but it’s great for staying productive and motivated to get your work done so you can relax. Some examples are Freedom, Forest, StayFocusd and a lot more! 

3. Constant Refreshing

A great study hack to constantly refresh what you learned in class, so it reduces your time to be studding that concept. Say you just had a lecture in psychology. Take all the notes during the lecture, not worrying about how perfect or neat it is; write down all the important material and key words you need to know. Right when the lecture is over, take the time to rewrite what you learned while trying to recall those important concepts. Rewrite it in an organized way that works for you! 

The following day, try to refresh what you learned. Once you repetitively go over what you learned, you’ll have it memorized and understood without having to look at your notes. An additional tip would be to act as if you are teaching it to someone else which has been proven to be highly effective in comprehension. 

4. Figure Out Your Style

One of the most important study hacks is to figure out your style. This will lead you to being more productive and have a fresher mind directed towards your tasks. If you are a morning person, wake up early and get your assignments done so you have the rest of the day off. If you like to get a good workout in early morning and then do you work, go for it! If you prefer to be a night owl, you do you.

Find out what exactly works for you for the best efficiency! Doing yoga, or getting any kind of light workout has been proven to make more relaxed and energized for productivity. Grab a friend and go for a run! 

5. Taking Breaks

It may not look like a study hack, but taking breaks is super crucial. If you’re just constantly working without any breaks in between, it can lead to burnout. When I say take breaks, I mean take ACTUAL breaks. Going from working on your laptop to taking a break by being on your phone gives no rest to your eyes or mind! Get a drink of water, grab a snack, or say hi to your pet! Do something that will take your mind off of the blur of assignments you need to get done. 

Getting out of the setting you’re in and going to a coffee shop or talking to a friend and can release a lot of built up tension! I personally love this study hack.

6. Grammarly!

Whether you need to draft a proposal, write an essay or do a research paper, you’ll most likely want to proofread it for any grammatical or syntax errors. Grammarly is a free service that will do just that! Now, you can upgrade to premium if you choose which will cost money but the free service does the trick if you’re looking for basic grammar mistakes. Premium will help you get the flow of your writing correct with proper phrasing. 

This is one of my favorite study hacks that works for not only students but professionals as well! 

7. A Study Buddy

It is always a great idea to have 2 minds rather than one. Grab a study buddy and collaborate on ideas together! Whether it’s just to get more insight for an assignment, a project or studying for a test, having another fresh perspective on things will up your studying game. 

See Also

Study hacks of going to the library or renting a room have shown to boost productivity and getting your things done. Who wouldn’t want to study with a friend anyway? As long as you both  (or you all) are ACTUALLY getting work done and having fun at the same time, having a buddy or two didn’t hurt anybody. 

8. Write Everything Down!!!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to write all your due dates, assignments, contact information and other key things down! Especially in online learning, it can become a hassle to keep up with all the tasks you have to do for each class. Invest in a planner or have some sort of consistent product you use to update your assignments and cross off what you have already finished. 

9. Listening To Music

You can blast Drake if you want, but you wouldn’t be getting anything done because you’re belting at the top of your lungs while your unfinished essay sits in front of you. Listening to natural sounds, podcasts or ambient noises boost productivity. They provide a soothing background sound that keeps you focused and working. You can listen to lo-fi music as well, which works for me! 

10. Reaching Out (Communication is key!)

During this time of uncertainty, it can be hard to communicate and build relationships with professors or teachers. Communication is a great study hack that I believe has increased my accessibility to resources as well as improved my grades. Use email and attend office hours even if they’re virtual! Whether it’s a teacher or professor, you should communicate and get to know them more. 

They are there to help you and increase your learning so take advantage of that! Ask all the questions you have and concepts you don’t understand. You’ll benefit from this and take away more than just what you learned in class. 

Did you try out any of our study hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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