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10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From UNH

10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From UNH


Scrolling through Instagram, double tapping your friends pic is an everyday thing. Sure you scroll through your feed and have makeup tutorials, ESPN facts, travel artsy pictures of celebrities and unknown people on the internet world. Have you ever thought about the talent of student Instagrammers you need to follow from UNH sharing their artsy photography talent, model and fashion icons and of course the puppy pictures. Check out your fellow wildcats Instagramers for yourself!

1. Michael Bova – @Michael.bova

Michael’s Instagram is the definition of artsy. From right here on UNH’s campus he manages to capture it’s true beauty in a photograph all the way to his hometown and other places he has traveled.

2. Zoe Cullen – @_zoecullen

Fellow wildcat Zoe showcases UNHs simple beauty as well as her energetic personality. A mix of both artsy pictures and fun, party, style pictures come from Zoe’s instagram as she lives up her years here at UNH.



3. Hailey Simpson – @_hsimpson

Super fan, ultimate wildcat, Hailey Simpson has the most crazy, fun pictures at UNH. Her dedication to Catpack and showing her school spirit is clear through her instagram of upclose pictures of what it really means to be a wildcat. #Everydayisagreatdaytobeawildcat

4. Lauren Berman – @Lauren_berman

When you’re stressed out from school work or missing your pup from back home checking out Lauren’s Instagram may be the only thing that saves you from a mental breakdown. Her artsy funny pictures of her dog are to-die-for creating the ultimate Instagram of her perfect pup.


5. Connor Dever – @Connordever

Junior, Connor Dever lives his life on the edge (literally) through his artsy photographs that take you from the city to the heart of the wilderness. His Instagram takes you through the expeditions he has been on to do what he does best, take amazing pictures and show them to the Instagram world.

6. Carter Walsh – @Carterwalsh2525

If you want to travel the world and take amazing photographs but check your bank account and realize you have $2 you can live vicariously through Carter Walsh’s Instagram. His travels to Australia, Bali and even his hometown here in the United States leave you saying #travelgoals and you think maybe you’ll work 5 summer jobs. Everything about Carter’s travel Instagram is the perfect internet get away for a few hours.



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7. Kristina Sauerbrey – @Kristinasauerbrey

Freshman, fashionista, Kristina knows how to work her Instagram leaving you saying #goals. Each post is somewhere new slaying every season from summer beach pics to the perfect fall photo. After scrolling through her Insta there is no doubt you’ll want to go to every store on the planet and reinvent your wardrobe.

8. Emma Landry – @Emmelandry

Travel guru and party girl, Emma show the wonders of the world through her summer vacation photos. Post after post you wonder where is the next dream location! Don’t forget MORE PUPPIES! An Insta is never fully complete without some adorable dog photos and Emma completes a perfect Insta with artsy travel photos, fashionista pictures and topping it off with some furry friends.

9. Ben Mader – @benmadermusic

Up and coming artist, Ben Mader is trying to make his mark here at UNH. From music videos, on stage photos, and great nights at UNH, Ben Mader never ceases to amaze his fans. Ben Mader has an Instagram that reads artist in the making!


10. @Uofnh

University of New Hampshire – A perfect way to stay in the loop at UNH is through the Instagram page filling it with student pictures from events around campus. It’s a great way to see the school spirit we have and maybe you’ll even get a feature on it, worth a shot!


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