10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From Fordham University

Being that FCLC isn’t known as the “sporty” campus of Fordham, the Lincoln Center Rams have got to make up for it in other ways. Luckily, Manhattan is the home of modern art and millennial muses. If you’re looking for some inspiration in the arts or just want to brighten up your Instagram feed with some youthful creativity, keep reading for 10 student Instagrammers you need to follow from Fordham University!

1. Anthony K’s Tonal Vision – @tonalvision

This photography account is managed by Fordham’s very own Anthony K. (@abkrivo), and it’s full of colorful, trippy, and contemplative photos. He photographs FU students from time to time, so be on the look-out for opportunities to feel like a model!


2. Alan – @fvther_alan

Alan is one of Fordham’s most fashionable students, and his Instagram is no exception. He’s one of my favorite Fordham student Instagrammers. Tonal Vision works with him quite often, so you’ll get to see gorgeous profile photos and outfit ideas every time he posts.

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3. Vienna – @viennaskye

Fordham’s not just full of photographers – it’s also got some great YouTubers. Meet Vienna, a frequent vlogger and thrift-shopper. Her photos walk on the unique gray line between personal and professional, but they give you a glimpse into the everyday life of an eclectic and hip Ram.


4. Katherine Mills – @katherine_mills

Katherine’s feed is always full of her NYC adventures – she’s a country gal with lots of spunk and class. Check out her Instagram for those “squad goal” and comfy vibes.

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it's fall

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5. Alana Higa – @thechichawaiian

If you’re a New York native (or not!) looking for some fun eats and quirky adventures, then Alana Higa is someone you want on your feed. This “chic Hawaiian” is living it up with all the best foods and outfits that NYC can offer. Follow your dreams, but follow Alana’s too.

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When we brunch, we brunch hard. 🍴🍽

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6. Sraboni Paul – @lovesrableo

If you’re still on the hunt for fun restaurants and activities to add to your NYC bucket list, Sraboni has got you covered – with some class to spare. She loves dressin’ up for a night on the town with her Ram Fam, and you’ll never miss out if you’re a loyal follower.


7. Kiley Campbell-brian – @kiley.cb

Kiley’s another one of Fordham’s most eclectic students. Aside from gorgeous but casual shots of the LC campus, Kiley’s feed has tons of unique artistic shots of Lincoln Center at night, delicious carbs, and graffiti.


8. Chloe Griffith – @chlochecktheflow

An international student with a sense of humor and style? Chloe’s your girl. When she’s not goofing off with her friends around the neon parts of the city, she’s capturing the sunsets and antics of McKeon Hall.

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felt güd

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9. Rami Saleh – @ratchetrami

Rami’s Instagram is full of all the things NYC has to love: Hamilton, museums, and subway rides with friends. If Broadway and street art exhibits are your aesthetic, this is a feed you don’t want to miss.

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Can I be in The Maids now? -xoxo gossip gorilla

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10. Josh – @castillionaire

If there was a student Instagrammer that could sum up the artistic abilities of the LC Rams, it’d look a lot like Josh’s. His photos are beyond works of art – they’re what he’d call glitches in the Matrix. Out of all the mentioned Instagram accounts, Josh’s photography will bring out your artistic wild side.

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Relativity by night.

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Who are your favorite Fordham University student Instagrammers? Comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: Vienna Skyle – @viennaskye and rossgarlick.com
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