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20 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From KU

20 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From KU

Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From The University of Kansas

My Instagram feed is full of cute dogs, celebrities, and makeup videos. As I get closer and closer to attending KU my feed becomes more and more full of Jayhawks. There are some extremely talented student Instagrammers from the University of Kansas. I love seeing all the fun photos of games, the motivating videos of athletes working out, and of course cute photos of the sorority girls outfits. Here is a list of 20 KU students I follow on Instagram that you should definitely go check out.

1. The jock (@ssj_xvi)

Steven is a current player for the KU football team and is a wide receiver. He will fill your feed with awesome action photos of games but also some shots from practice and even an occasional video. This star athlete is worth following if you are a true Jayhawk fan.


2. The campus expert (@nataliegibsonxo)

Natalie is a wonderful representative of everything a Jayhwak should be; she is upbeat, friendly, and involved in various activities. This soon-to-be sophomore is currently a summer orientation assistant and will be overjoyed to have some new followers.

3. The baller babe (@jessicawalsh3)

The Kansas women’s basketball team is full of incredible athletes. Jessica is one of the awesome women on the team. She will give you serious body goals with her six pack but also beautiful long locks. See her talent, drive, and friendliness on her Instagram.

4. The greek gal (@melanieshaner)

Melanie is an active member in Delta Gamma and looks adorable while doing it. She always dresses to-a-t and has a huge smile. She seems to have a ton of fun and is a perfect example of an involved sister. If you want a serious case of Greek life FOMO, follow this beautiful DG lady.


5. The baseball player (@dylan_ditz)

Dylan has yet to play for the Jayhawks but will be playing for their baseball team this upcoming school year. He is clearly active on the field but also seems to make time for family and friends. Watch this guy evolve to a college baseball player by following him on Instagram.


6. The bubbly girl (@madelines13)

Madeline is fun and the life of the party. She brings a fun and out-there side to her sorority, Chi Omega, at KU. She also seems to love her roommates (they take the cutest selfies) and has a charming style. Watch the adventures of this sorority girl on her Instagram feed.

7. The blogger (@navyandstripes)

This college blogger is the epitome of a preppy yet smart and accomplished young woman. She posts beautiful photos of school supply layouts, flowers, architecture, and outfits. Get inspired by this aesthetically pleasing account ran by a fellow KU student.

8. The volunteer (@mek.nschen)

Mek is not only a college student but also a member of the Rising Education program and The Big Event. She takes tons of her free time to help others around KU. While most of this can’t be seen in her photos, the fact that her and her boyfriend are definitely couple goals will make you want to follow her. If you want to see the fun life of this lovely lady, give her a follow.


9. The proud boyfriend (@t.j.blake)

Speaking of couple goals, TJ and his boyfriend are the cutest and definitely make anyone single jealous. He is currently a student at the KU Law School and is very involved on campus. See adorable pictures of him and his boyfriend as they live a delightful life together at Kansas.


10. The frat bro (@tkittypurr13)

For a fraternity brother, Tyler has a very diverse Instagram. He travels with family, can be seen in costumes often, and of course attends the occasional music festival. To get a better look into the frat life, follow this party animal.

11. The adventurer (@ashtyn_renee)

Ashtyn’s Instagram looks almost like a travel account, she goes on so many adventures. This Kansas native seems to have tons of fun traveling around the country while also making time to hang with one of her many nieces or her friends from KU. Get a taste of southern twang when you follow this Jayhawk adventurer.



12. The pretty girl (@angiescarduzio)

Angelina, Miss February in “The Women of KU Swimsuit Calendar 2017”, is obviously beautiful but also a world traveler. With one glance at her Instagram you see beautiful shots of Amsterdam, Prague, Cinque Terre, and beyond.



13. The runner (@nicole_monty)

Nicole is a current member of the track and field team at KU who will motivate anyone to get off the couch. Her candid running shots are awesome but so are her adorable photos of her nights out with the girls.



14. The social butterfly (@kaylabenton)

Kayla, originally from Minnesota, now goes to KU and seems to have a super fun time. She will fill your feed with cute pictures of her and her many friends in some iconic Kansas spots like Bullwinkle’s, Allen Fieldhouse, and Arrowhead Stadium.

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15. The baller (@josh_j11)

Josh is only 19 years old but is already a star basketball player for the Jayhawks. Not only is this guy an awesome athlete but by the looks of his Instagram he is also quite the looker. Follow Josh for a look inside an athletes world at KU.



16. The aesthetically pleasing one (@tyanrose)

Tyan’s instagram is so chic she could easily be a fashion blogger even though she is just a very stylish pre-med student. I can guarantee you, you will want these visually appealing photos in your feed. Keep this girl on your radar because I could see her becoming super successful.


17. The sorority girl (@kiermariee)

Kiersten is the epitome of the bubbly sorority girl you wish was your best friend. While her giant smile will welcome you, the adorable pictures with her sisters is what will make you want to follow her.



18. The bro (@jackhalbrook)

Jack clearly loves KU, based on all the jerseys he sports in his photos, but he also gets joys from hanging with his friends. He clearly knows how to have a good time and who doesn’t want another handsome man on their feed?



19. The party animal (@noellecheney)

Noelle is a member of Kappa Delta and is the life of the party. She seems like a ton of fun but also knows how to keep and classy. Follow this lively lady for a colorful and fun Instagram.



20. The dancer (@megan_campbell97)

Megan, a member of the KU dance team, is so spirited it will make you want to wave the wheat even if your just in your bed looking at Instagram. Her Instagram shows off how well-rounded of an individual she is, with being a member of not only the dance team but also Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Who are your favorite student Instagrammers from the University of Kansas? Comment below!
Featured photo source: Instagram (@tyanrose)