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9 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From The University Of Florida

9 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From The University Of Florida


Is your Instagram feed getting a bit dull? Do you find yourself getting bored with the content that you follow? Here are the top ten rising student Instagrammers from The University of Florida to brighten and liven your feed! You’ll thank me later.

1. Michael Cizek “@michael_cizek”

If you go to UF and don’t know who Michael Cizek is, you’re either a freshman or the wifi out at Lakeside has been seriously hindering your online presence. Either way, Cizek is none other than your favorite Mr. Tandem Two Bits; he runs his own online show with the University of Florida that interviews students from all different backgrounds. Definitely check out his Instagram at some point (he followed me back and I almost had a heart attack).



2. McLane Edwards “@mclane94”

A Preview Staffer from 2015, Edwards spends his time underneath Century Tower, eating at Adam’s Ribs and hanging with Alberta. Also, more inspirational words have never been said than “Put a puppy in a pumpkin, call that a pupkin” – the man is a pun genius. One of my favorite student Instagrammers from The University of Florida. Give his feed a like or two.


3. Ana Gabriela Teran “@anagabrielateran”

Looking for a bit of aesthetically-pleasing posts to hit your feed? Look no further. Teran is both a StyleGuru for College Fashionista’s chapter at University of Florida and a Vera Bradley ambassador, so she is basically living the everyday fashion lover’s dream. Give her Instagram a look over and decide if you enjoy her feed.



4. Widner Agenor “@wid.jpeg”

The Kanye of our generation, Agenor is taking UF by storm with his Instagram presence. He’s worked with Project Makeover, Preview Staff and many other organizations at UF. Go give him a like and follow and maybe he’ll follow you. (I’m still waiting for the day where he’ll follow me and, maybe, possibly ask me for my number and marry me. Is that too much to ask?)



5. Jillian Leverett “@jillianmae1818”

If you’re looking for a contrast between artsy floor group pictures and breathtaking pictures of trips abroad, Leverett’s feed is the one you NEED to check out. It embodies the UF spirit so nicely without being too in your face.



6. Arianna Baquerizo “@ariannabaq”

You can catch Baquerizo and her Instagram shots at all the tailgates and special events happening around campus. Her shots include Disney pics, so if that’s your kind of feed (and it SO is mine), give her a follow.



7. Melanie Cabrera “@melaniecab”

Another one for you, fashion lovers! Cabrera and her friends at Gameday Threadz sell stylish game day outfits for any Gator girl, from cute tees to great accessories. Check out her feed for more fashion advice and posts!

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8. Brendon “BJ” Jonassaint “@bjonassaint”

Jonassaint has been a Gator ever since he was born here at UF’s hospital. As Student Body Vice President, his Instagram acts as a limb to connect with the student body and show them what’s going on around UF campus. Give him a like on his Instagram!!



9. Anthony Tolomeo “@amtolomeo1995”

Tolomeo’s feed definitely brings all the “Gaineschill” vibes right to your phone screen without having to leave the comfort of your XL Twin Dorm bed. Check out his hammock pics (they’re my favorite).



BONUS: Me “@keepoutofharmsway”

I take some seriously quality photos of my time here at UF, so follow me. You won’t regret it. Or maybe you will. Either way, follow me, too.


Do you have favorite student Instagrammers from The University of Florida?
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