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10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From The University Of Connecticut

10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From The University Of Connecticut


Being at UConn allows us as students to take some pretty awesome pics for Instagram. With friends, tailgates, basketball games, and good times, it’s too hard to not want to photograph all the fun you’re having on campus and post it on your feed.  Of all the masses of people, I’ve narrowed down your search to ten awesome student Instagrammers from The University of Connecticut you need to follow… like now.

1. @Kbelllatoni

Being a senior at UConn, @Kbelllatoni has pretty much learned to capture UConn’s best moments, on and off campus.  With the occasional foodstagram and group pics, she really does take it all on in with her Instagram pics! Seriously, throw her that follow.



2. @Abbside

There are never any enough dog pics on @Abbside’s feed.  Along with photographing her furry friends, she def gets plenty of nature and landscape out on her feed to give viewers a colorful, yet picturesque view wherever she goes, near or far!




3. @rach_plant

@Rach_plant truly does capture UConn’s great times with friends here, and abroad! Spending the semester abroad really does allow you to get some awesome, unique pics on your feed.  If you need some ideas for places you want to go when you spend a semester elsewhere, @rach_plant will def capture some great pics and give you travel tips!


4. @steinbergjen

@steinbergjen is a junior at UConn.  On her feed, you can find awesoe photos of her with her sisters, and an awesome view of life around UConn, on and off campus.  If you’ve been meaning to follow a couple new Instagram accoutns to give your feed life, put this one on your list!



5. @cdoyleee_

With an awesome aesthetic and lifestyle pics, @cdoyleee_ will be sure to bring plenty of life to your feed! She effortlessly captures the best parts of UConn life around her and while studying abroad.



6. @annetrager

Freshman at the University of Connecticut, @annetrager really does have a fresh view of the campus and captures the best of the moments around her.  With funny captions and an acute obsession with Fetty Wap, this insta account def proves worthy of a follow!




7. @kate_nelly

@kate_nelly will give you the perfect mix of selfies, sunset pics around UConn, and group pics to make your feed ~perfect~.  Also, if you love skiing/snowboarding or anything of that sort, she’ll load your feed up with a bunch of her travels on the slopes!

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8. @thebottomless_pit

In my opinion, foodstagrams are basically the best thing to come into Instagram.  Along with seeing super cute pictures of food, you’re basically given food recommendations with every post! While you’re following this foodstagram, be sure to follow any others you can come across, it really does bless you’re timeline while you wish you were eating anything other than North dining hall food.


9. @laceybornstein

Freshman at UConn, @laceybornstein gives a prime view of UConn on her feed.  With awesome tailgate pics and photos of her and her sisters, you can’t go wrong throwing this girl a follow!



10. @homienicholson

Not gonna lie, this is definitely my insta, but give it a follow if you’re into food pics, the occasional selfie, and other artsy lil pics.  As soon as winter breaks, best believe you’ll find a bunch of scenic pics on campus!




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