9 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From Santa Clara University

The Bay Area is well known for being a hotspot for talent and Santa Clara University is no exception. We’re just scratching the surface with these nine Instagrammers from Santa Clara University. See the world through their creative minds. Give these Broncos a follow – if you haven’t already!


1. Devin Moren (@devinmoren)

The first SCU student on our list is photographer, Devin Moren. His Instagram feed shows his talent for dealing with contrast and mysterious shadows. He’s a big surfer, so you can count some amazing action shots out on the water.


2. Soli Cayetano (@solisucculents)

Soli’s Succulents is a small business run by succulent enthusiast, Soli Cayetano. She designs, plants, and sells chic and modern terrariums that make great gifts. Give her a follow to spruce up your feed with these trendy plants.

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Terrariums = The perfect Christmas present! 🌲

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3. Michelle Wang (@michfilms)

Michelle Wang has most recently been sharing her love for photography through her stunning portraits. She also shares her interest in cinematography with her short videos. She dabbles in several different interests as she pursues her passion as a photographer. Look forward to variety of creative content!

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long day

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4. Erik Echeona (@erikcheona)

Erik Echeona shows how he lives a vibrant life through the images captured in his bright and colorful photography. His Instagram features his adventures from iconic concerts to famous sites from around the world.


5. Beverlyn Law (@yaybev)

Beverlyn Law shows off her unique style through her fashion Instagram. Think pink pastels, cute skirts, and Adidas Superstars. Her Instagram is full of her favorite things capturing the essence of her fun style.


6. Faolan Sugarman-Lash (@faophoto)

If you’re looking for fresh content, follow Faolan as he sets out on his new year goal to post every day. So far, he has shared his strong talent for capturing stunning skies, landscapes, and the occasional portrait. Keep an eye out for what he creates next.

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This owl was like the Buddha 3/365

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7. Jordan Shimizu (@jordanshimizu)

Jordan’s Instagram carries a wide array of images highlighting his interest in photography. His topics range anywhere from images of him and his friends, to views of oceans, forests, and killer sunsets.


8. Pierce Klinke (@pierceklinke)

If you’re looking for breathtaking scenes of nature, look no further. Pierce Klinke showcases his adventurous spirit through his exceptional talent for capturing natural wonders. His pictures will bring out the adventuring spirit in anyone.

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High-key have an addiction to the stars

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 9. Kai Hirota (@from81)

Last but not least, here is one final photographer to follow from our list. Kai Hirota shares his innovative talent for capturing nightlife photos. He maintains a glowing aesthetic throughout his feed that is sure to amaze you.

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To unpathed waters, undreamed shores

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Featured photo source: weheartit.com and 2015.igem.org
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