10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From Loyola Marymount University

From the renowned film school to the arts, theater, and dance programs, Loyola Marymount University cultivates artists. On Instagram, this is particularly prevalent; students’ feeds feature stunning images of the campus, Los Angeles, and their own creations. Here are 10 student Instagrammers from Loyola Marymount University with beautiful photos, ranging from nature to candid shots to literature, dance, and art.

1. Cassius Pettit (@cassiuspettit)

A photographer and videographer, Cassius’ Instagram presents gorgeous, full color images of his friends and adventures. One of my favorite student Instagrammers from Loyola Marymount University. If you like what you see, be sure to check out this film major’s YouTube channel as well!

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I flippin' love college🙃

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2. Regan Robbins (@reggae_photo)

A studio arts major with an emphasis in photography, Regan’s instagram captures the beauty of the Los Angeles lifestyle. Skateboarders, palm trees, and beach scenes present an eclectic mix that represents the soul of the surf and sand.

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one more because how cute is this

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3. Colton Kugler (@crazylegskugler)

Yet another film major with a perfectly manicured Instagram, Colton mixes scenes of nature with shots of his friends. Originally from Colorado, he mixes mountain photos with images of the beach to create a unique feed.

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Light at the end of the tunnel #finalsweek

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4. Makayla Symmonds (@makaylasymmonds)

Photographer and dancer, Makayla alternates between nature images and electric pictures of LA’s concert and commercial dance scene.

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big fan

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5. Ken Cavanaugh (@kennethcav)

A personal Instagram with a stylish flair, Ken photographs his colorful escapes to the beach and local vegan restaurants.

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6. Justice Domingo (@justicedomingo)

Justice’s images of her life as a professional dancer and choreographer contrast her candid photos in front of the chip aisle in the grocery store.

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7. Hayden Tanabe (@haydentanabe)

As LMU’s Residence Hall Association President, Hayden’s feed bleeds crimson and blue, complete with iconic bluff photos and LMU merchandise.


8. Sebastian (@sebaschimp)

A mix of selfies, images of friends, and classic Los Angeles pastimes, Sebastian’s photos portray a glossy version of life at LMU.

9. Hexagon Dance Collective (@hexagondancecollective)

Made up of six LMU dance majors, the rising LA dance company posts images and video clips of their recent choreographic projects.


10. Polyliteramore (@polyliteramore)

Run by an English and dance double major, this bookstagram features must reads and images from trips to LMU’s library, as well as drool-worthy photos of bookshelves and bookstores.


Featured photo source: instagram.com
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