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Struggles That Every Creative Person Faces

Struggles That Every Creative Person Faces

It can be extremely hard to be creative, and even harder to try to join a creative career. I get it. My dear friend, youtuber LaytheGreat TV (Laylah), and I both are in positions in life where we are trying to stay true to our calling while also being realistic. We wanted to partner up to share our experiences and views on why you shouldn’t give up.

Creativity is important

I don’t know about you, but for Laylah and I, we have both experienced the looks of confusion, and the wide eyed expressions from those we told of our career choice; she with film and me with writing. People don’t always respect it for what it is.

It sucks, but unfortunate, it happens. Like in her video (which you will find on her channel above), Laylah made an excellent point by saying that creativity is in everything. I believe that is exactly why it can be overlooked or taken for granted. But remember, when done right, You can create something that people will remember for generations. Star Wars has a great following, and people take it very seriously. It is a perfect example of creative work having a massive impact on lives.

Struggles That Every Creative Person Faces

Negatives with going into a creative career

So, if you have seriously considered going into a creative career, the first thing that probably crossed your mind was, “Will I make it?” That question alone is so daunting, it has taken many people out of the game before it even started.

Knowing that so few people can actually live off of their creative work, it is understandable why people are so cautious and skeptical. It is a great leap and we both have had to just dive in. I really don’t know how else to approach it. Fear is so real and both rational and irrational that the only way that we have found to cope with it is to not address it.

When I say to not address it, I mean in certain moments. When you take any big leap, to a point, you have to ignore all of the things that could go wrong because if you address them too much, you won’t do it. How do you only address fear at appropriate times? Well, I’m still figuring that part out myself.

I guess I can say, as a rule of thumb, when it can push you to the next level, that’s when to take the leap. If it works, that is amazing, if it doesn’t, then try again.

Struggles That Every Creative Person Faces


Trying again and again has really helped Laylah and I keep our heads above water. In creative fields, you have to be okay and well acquainted with rejection. I joke and say that my name is Chantel Rejection Kelly because I have experienced so much. 

Does that make me a bad writer? I say no, my haters might say otherwise. Anyways, I am trying and I have put myself out there and learned from those experiences. Laylah and I both agree that being able to take rejection and moments of failure on their head, is essential to making it in a creative career.

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You will experience some at some point, and it will hurt, but know that YOU are worthy of whatever you want. You just need to be prepared for whenever it is your time.

Struggles That Every Creative Person Faces

Support system

Having a support is so important. For the times like above, it is great to have people around you to keep you motivated. We would not have gotten nearly as far without the support of those who love us. Endeavoring in a creative career is a big risk, so help yourself out by having those around you who care the most.

It should also be noted that having friends in the same field is definitely advised. They will be like your comrades in war. Not nearly as serious, but you get the gist. They understand like no one else, so you won’t feel as alone.

Struggles That Every Creative Person Faces

Laylah and I are fresh in this game, so we understand all of the emotions of a creative mind perusing their dream. I hope that this can help you and I wish you the most luck in your pursuits. Let me know what you are pursuing below!

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