10 Struggles Of Being The Youngest Of Your Friend Group

Here are 10 struggles of being the youngest person in your friend group. 10. Being small Yes, I guess this may not affect every younger friend, These are the most common struggles of being the youngest of your friends in your group.

You may think being the youngest friend is a blessing, but it is truly a curse and not just for one reason. Always being the youngest of my friends I have some ranting to do. . . Here are 10 struggles of being the youngest person in your friend group.

10. Being small

Yes, I guess this may not affect every younger friend, but in my case being almost a whole year younger than half my friends was definitely noticeable.

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The phrase every person in your class would scream after you revealed your actual age.  No I did not know I was really young for my grade, thanks for telling me!

8. Never being considered an Adult

Since you look and are closer to the junior or child’s option, I guess you will be having the chicken fingers and fries off the kid’s menu.

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7. “We will make this fair, the youngest will go last”

No, please do not even bother asking me my birthday I am going last.

6. Not being able to get into an R rated movie

Do you know how embarrassing it is for your parents to buy you a separate ticket while your friends strut in all alone?  Or even worse being the reason you and your friends have to see something else.

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5. When people do not believe you

Why in the heck would I lie about my age, especially a younger age.  Yes I will sure to practice that lie when I 30, but for now yes I know I’m only 19.

4. 18th Birthday

Finally legal!!!! It took so long for me to turn 18 does it really even matter anymore? I mean if I wanted cigarettes I could have just got my 284837824 other 18 year old friends to buy it for me.

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3. Being “The Baby”

Oh man, I love being considered “the baby”!  Its meant to be an insult, but when you finally reach a certain age being “the baby” is not all that cute.

2. Being the DD

24/7 I might add!  With age comes responsibility right?  Well not in this case, since one is unable to drink they are forced to be the unpaid uber driver. This is seriously one of the largest struggles of being the youngest of your friends.

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So far behind all my friends from drinking legally, sometimes I question if I am going to make it to 18.  “No, no its fine have the most fun ever at the bars I’ll just be here staying in alone on a Saturday night!”

Let us know what you think about the struggles of being the youngest in the comments below!
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