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10 Struggles Of Being The Youngest In Your Friend Group

10 Struggles Of Being The Youngest In Your Friend Group

In every group of friends, there is always the baby, the youngest friend that everyone picks on. These are the struggles of being the youngest in the group!

When your friends are 16, you’re still 15. When they are 18, you’re still 17. When they are 21, you’re still 20. I have experienced first-hand what it’s like being the youngest among the friend group. I am a sophomore in college and have yet to turn 18 (Dear July, why are you so far away?) And even then, I don’t turn 21 until AFTER college. I skipped 5th grade and went straight to middle school and that decision haunts me everyday. Us youngins are just always a year or two late to the party and it’s a struggle.

1. During high school everyone started driving before you.

Therefore you spent at least a year and half always begging for a ride. When you do start driving, they act like there is a monkey behind the wheel…


…even though you are probably a better driver than they are.

2. Not a minute goes by when you are not reminded that you’re younger.

3. Which means you have to take time to remind them that you are, in fact, in the same grade/classification with them.


…and I’m only 8 months younger than you!

4. You miss out on a few exciting things during your first years of college.

“Let’s go to the club tonight, then get matching tattoos after”…oh wait, you’re still 17.


You tell them to go without you but you are high-key hoping they’ll stay in and have a movie night.

5. Which means they will also be able to drink before you.

When you go out to eat they will all order margaritas and you will kindly ask for a water with lemon. Which also means you will ALWAYS be the DD.


6. They treat you like a baby.

…could be a good or bad thing depending on the situation.



7. There is always a series of shock when you tell people your age.

Or the infamous “Oh I forgot how young you are!” or “Oh I forgot that you’re still a baby!”

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8. But you’re secretly proud to say that you skipped a grade or started school early.

Because people assume that you’re some sort of genius even if you’re not and why correct them?



9. But no matter what, your friends will always look after you because you are their annoying little sibling.

Even though you are literally only. 8. Months. Younger.

10. But seriously…the teasing never stops.

This is you waiting for the teasing to stop and for your summer birthday to hurry up!


Are there any more struggles you face being the youngest in your friend group? Let us know in the comments!
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