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8 Struggles Of Being A Transfer Student At Kent State

Transferring schools makes the first day of the semester feel like the first day of high school all over again; you’re not sure what to wear, how to get around, how to make friends, or even who to eat lunch with. Transferring to a different university is difficult, especially if you transferred during your first year of college like I did. You’re suddenly entering into the unknown; from not knowing what the professors and students are like and still trying to fit in, it can be scary. Here is a list of some struggles I went through as a transfer student at Kent State that maybe you can relate to, as well.


1. Feeling like the first day has to be perfect.

It’s the most exciting time when you take forever to pick out the outfit, or wonder who you will meet and what your classes will be like! It’s important to be the best version of yourself to give off a good first impression. After all, the first day of school sets of the rest of your semester!

2. Are you lost?

Yes, I am definitely lost! You realize you are lost when it takes you more than 30 minutes to find your class while students stop and stare at you like you’re a tourist… but you kind of are as a transfer student. This can get annoying, especially when you feel like you are waling in circles.


3. Being late is going to happen.

Congratulations! But, now you’re late. After searching in circles for more than 30 minutes, you finally reach your first class feeling like you achieved something, and all the teacher says is: “If you are late again you get 5 points dropped from your grade.” The warm welcome will make you want to explain to the professor and the 250 plus students in the classroom that “Hey, I am a transfer student at Kent State, I have no idea where I am going,” but alas, you should just pick a seat and sit down quietly.

4. Meeting new friends is tough at first.

I promise it is not that hard to make friends, but it feels that way because students already have their “groups” of people they hangout with 24/7. Transferring to a new school is like transferring to a new friend group too; difficult, yet rewarding because you will ultimately find at least one friendly face on campus leading you to a new group of friends.

5. Transfer orientation makes you feel like a freshman all over again.

Remember going to your first college orientation? Well, you get to do it again since you are transferring to a new school! You have the privilege of sitting through a whole day of lectures and tours, getting that new student ID all over again, and hoping your picture looks better than it did the first time around.

6. You need to figure out all about the dining halls.

There are so many options choose from at Kent State University, it gets confusing where to find all of them if you don’t know your way around. There is Rosie’s, Prentice, Eastway Market, the student center, and probably more I have not even found yet. There were only two or three self-serve places to eat at my last school, here at Kent State, there are people that serve your food for you. Who said you have to grow up during your college years?

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7. Good luck scheduling for classes.

Scheduling for classes as a transfer student at Kent State is hard because students already have had theirs scheduled, if you are transferring in half way through the year. You are at the bottom of the food chain, even below the freshman, so that means you get to pick your classes after everyone else does. This is more frustrating than figuring out how to get to class. Think of it as The Hunger Games of college.

8. Limited living options…

Finding a dorm or apartment before you transfer is hard, especially if you have no one to room with or do not know which apartment or dorms are the best to live in. Not to mention that almost everything is booked up because you are new, and people have had their pickings.

BUT, it will all work out!

Despite all of these bumps in the road, I couldn’t be happier with my choice to transfer to Kent State. It might seem hard at first, but things will get better. Hang in there and try to make the best of a new, scary situation!

What other struggles have you experienced as a transfer student at Kent State? Feel free to comment and share the article!
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Julia Hazel

Julia Hazel is a junior at Kent State University majoring in broadcast journalism, with a double minor in marketing and public relations. When graduating she hopes to be a news anchor or a news reporter at a Tv station. You can find Julia at the on campus TV station where she has three jobs and is eager to start anchoring the news.

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