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10 Struggles Of A Tea Addict

10 Struggles Of A Tea Addict

10 Struggles Of A Tea Addict

Tea is one of life’s little pleasures. It’s comfort in a mug, suitable for any occasion, and there’s loads of flavours to choose from. Black tea has been found to help prevent cancer, green tea can contribute to weight loss, and there’s loads of other health benefits to drinking it. There’s downsides to loving tea, and here are just some of the few frustrating issues of being a chronic tea drinker:

1. No room in the cupboard for more teas

If you like a range of flavours and different types of tea, you’ll know how easy it is to hoard boxes and boxes of the stuff! It’s very easy to buy a new one then try to put it in the designated tea cupboard and find there’s no room left, knocking boxes off along the way.

2. Mug hoarding

It’s great to have loads of mugs, there’s so many sizes and designs to choose from and they really brighten up the kitchen. However, if you make yourself a cup of the hot stuff on a regular basis and don’t reuse the cup for another one, you end up with every surface covered in crockery.

3. Running out of biscuits

Tea and biscuits go together like chips and ketchup! Sure, they’re not super healthy but they are delicious. Problem is, you eat them faster than you can buy them so you run out just when you are really craving them.

4. Forgetting your tea

Making yourself some tea then getting distracted is so frequent. There’s nothing more unpleasant than remembering you made yourself a cup and then have to down a mug of lukewarm liquid. Well… what’s more unpleasant is when your biscuit breaks off into your tea.

5. Running out of milk

Black tea needs milk and you end up using a lot of it. Running out of milk happens frequently and sometimes you need to drink your tea fully black, which can be quite bitter. It’s not for everyone’s tastes.

6. Storing sugar and salt too close to each other

This is a particular problem if you’re over at a friend’s place and you don’t know the layout of their kitchen and where they keep everything.  Sugar looks a lot like salt, it’s easy to mix up, especially if they’re in unlabelled jars on the kitchen counter.

7. Ignoring the instructions for brewing

Fancy tea has different brewing times than standard tea, especially if it’s loose leaf and not in tea bags. Green tea is especially specific about its brewing times, so when it says ‘three minutes’, it’s best not to ignore it unless you like especially bitter flavours.

8. Not being able to decide what flavour you want

Do I want chai? Do I want turmeric? Do I want plain green or jasmine green? The struggle is real!

9. Buying tea and finding out it’s loose leaf

There are so many fancy teas out there which sound lovely and are really appealing. You finally bring it home and boil the kettle, then you open the box to find it’s loose leaf. Not everyone has a tea strainer to hand, and even if you have one, they can be a hassle.

10. Your tea bag splits when you open it

Tea bags are surprisingly fragile and nothing is more frustrating than when you open the individual wrapper or when you separate two tea bags and it tears, rendering it useless, or you don’t realise it’s split and your cup is swirling with leaves.

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