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15 Struggles Girls With Curly Hair Relate To

15 Struggles Girls With Curly Hair Relate To

Girls with curly hair are constantly struggling. Curly hair products are spent regularly & we can never tame our frizzy hair. Curly hair struggles are real.

Having curly hair can be a blessing and a curse. As someone who has battled my own curly hair I have definitely had my fair share of these moments. Keep reading for 15 struggles only girls with curly hair can relate to!

1. You constantly get the question “is that your natural hair.”

2. There is not a single brush in your house what so ever.

3. Your shower routine consist of only handfuls of conditioner.

4. A rainy, humid, or hot day is your worst nightmare.

5. You also get the question “how do you get your hair so curly”- the answer is water.

6. The amount of product in your hair is unreal.

7. The amount of money you spend on hair products is probably equivalent to the amount you spend on your college tuition.

8. Everywhere you look there is hair and hairballs; on your clothes, in your bed, on your friends…everywhere.

9. Your drain is clogged all the time with your hair.

10. All of your hair ties get stuck in your curls causing you to pull, tug, and rip until the hair tie finally comes free.

11. Your hair is so hard to manage that most of the time you find yourself putting it up in a bun.

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12. When your hair does end up looking really good you don’t end up go out anywhere.

13. You hear others complain about their frizzy hair and resent them for it.

14. Everyone is always wants to touch your hair as if it has magical powers, like Repunzel’s glowing hair in tangled.

15. When you do brush it your hair turns into a major puff ball.

In the end though you love your hair and wouldn’t trade your curls for the world.

Are you one of the girls with curly hair?! Share your struggles! Drop us a line!!
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