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15 Struggles During Your Junior Year of College

15 Struggles During Your Junior Year of College


Are you questioning what you should do with the rest of your life? Having what you think is a college crisis? You’re not ready to be a senior yet, and yet you can’t wait. All your friends are 21 and can go to the bars all weekend, but you’re stuck in your apartment because you’re still 20. If this sounds like you, you are probably going through the struggles of every student in their junior year of college.

1. You actually have to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.

It’s too late to change your major for the 8th time and graduate within four years. You need to declare your major and think about what you want to do after your years of undergrad are over.


2. Senioritis is kicking in and you’re only a junior….

Every day you wake up and contemplate skipping class or not.



3. You know you should work out more, but really, you just want to eat some more chocolate.

Binge watching two seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix and devouring chocolate sound much better than getting off the couch and going for a run.




4. You don’t have a meal plan or you’ve used all your meal swipes by now…

but also you don’t feel like making any meals, so you retreat to ramen and cereal. There will be a time when you cannot resort to ramen anymore, but this is not that time.


5. The struggle knowing that you have to be a real adult in the real world in a year and a half and not being mentally prepared at all.

If you are being completely honest, there’s no way you are ready for the real world. Heck, you haven’t even decided on a major, let alone what you want to be doing for the rest of your life.



6. You tell yourself that you’re not going to keep procrastinating, but you still end up cramming the night before for your exams.

It is a viscous cycle.



7. When your family asks how college is going during every holiday…

There’s no way that you have your entire life planned, yet your relatives will ask you every question they can possibly think of ranging from who’s your significant other to what are your classes like? And you don’t want to answer a single one.


8. Your college or university has raised the tuition three times now, and you are so over it.

Everything costs money in college. EVERYTHING. See number nine.



9. You are incredibly broke, but everything costs a ridiculous amount of money.

And now you are considering starting up a GoFundMe account just to pay for gas.


10. You’re finally 21!!!!!

But again, you have no money to go to the bars every weekend, because you’re so broke.


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11. Or worse yet, all your friends are 21, and you aren’t.

You have to watch as everyone goes out to the bars, but you can’t go because you’re just a baby that is not 21 yet.



12. Every holiday break is not actually a break because you have so much homework due the week after break.

But because you procrastinate every assignment and studying for every test, you’ll be in the library until 2 am when you get back from break.


13. Yet, before every holiday break you think “if only I can get to the next weekend” and you still end up procrastinating.




14. When you are considering graduate school or medical school and see that they recommend having a 4.0 GPA, a perfect score on the MCAT or GRE, 1000 Volunteer hours, and to be involved in every club on campus.

How do they expect you to everything and still manage to have a social life or get sleep at night? Oh wait, they don’t care. Just make sure you do 1000 more hours of community service.


15. There are some upsides…

Over all the negatives of being a junior, it is your first year as an upperclassman and that’s great in itself. Even if you don’t know any of the freshman.


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